YouTube Red, Google Play Music will remove those F’n Ads

I pay $17 a month for Google Play Music family so the whole family gets the advantages of YouTube Red as well as a subscribtion to Google Play Music


I am unable to use Google Play Music Family Plan due to my family having GSuite. Apparently it isn’t available for GSuite users, despite when I joined it was called “Google Apps for your Domain”, cost nothing, and was recommended for families.


It will be eventually, but GSuite customers always lag behind, something Google should be very embarrassed about


Absolutely agree. It should be something the admin can control. Like how I can turn off YouTube as a whole to my GSuite or I can turn off a single user, same should be for Google Play Music Family as well.


YouTube is ready to take on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming media services.

The Google-owned video network announced a new subscription service, YouTube TV, offering a collection of TV channels aimed at cord cutters who think their cable bills are too high.