Wolf Pack

From a Spark to a Flame:
Series opener.
Wolf Pack got my attention as it has Sarah Michelle Gellar, formerly Buffy, in it.
Sarah has made no secret of the fact that she was glad to put Buffy behind her with her persistently ruling out ever coming back to reprise her when Buffy folded in 2003.
So it was very surprising to see her back in supernatural territory with Wolf Pack.
Wolf Pack was created by Jeff Davis who had created the Teen Wolf live action TV series and his Teen Wolf series has Buffy as an inspiration for it.
In fact Wolf Pack came out at the same time of Teen Wolf The Movie.
Due to both the Teen Wolf series and Wolf Pack being created by Davis it had been believed the two series are related. However this does not appear to be the case.
Not bad how this got started, sparked (no pun intended) by a fire, how it leads to the said wolf pack and how Kristin Ramsey (Sarah), a detective coming into this.

Two Bitten, Two Born:
Episode 2.
Not bad this episode including the true nature of the werewolves and a mysterious call received by Everett.

Origin Point:
Episode 3.
What a horrifying attack made by the creature making everyone under siege.

Fear and Pain:
Episode 4.
A key point to this episode was when a howling came into play at a critical situation demonstrating how the werewolves can hear each other even when they are miles and miles away.
Truly terrifying how this all played out.

Episode 5.
Intriguing as this investigates the use of incendiary device to cause the arson.
Shocking end with the discovery by Kristen Ramsey and a security guard of a pile of bodies with Ramsey then killing the guard and him joining those bodies.
Therefore shocking reveal of her as the villain.

After Party:
Episode 6.
Quite a confrontation that Garrett had with the pack and what a revelation about the teenager that Everett had been seeing.

Lion’s Breath:
Penultimate episode of the series/season.
Oh my what a revelation about Ramsey as the season/series is about to reached its end in the next episode Trophic Cascade.

Trophic Cascade:
Series/season finale.
Quite interesting to see how the storylines are wrapped up here with Ramsey finally revealing at the near end of who she really is.
This plus the intriguing way how this ended which would be curiously to see how things continue from there if Wolf Pack gets renewed for a second season.