Windows 10

I’d suggest you get a book to read, it’s not a quick update, I’ve got a suggestion below

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started at 10am last Saturday - finished around 8pm.

Internet around 4mbs.

Updated Win 10 to creative edition yesterday

Download 70min
getting ready 31 mins
install 90 mins Total time 3Hrs 11 mins

But this was just the start, it deleted all my shortcuts had to go into the registry and put the all back
My publisher still wont work have to wait til Monday to hear from Microsoft

AS being legally blind (10%) the most important thing for me “the change font size” and Clear type have been removed from this edition Luckily when I went on customer discussion someone had already written a replacement code so now all my fonts are big enough to read.


sounds about right…

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whoops :stuck_out_tongue:

Further to my earlier post about publisher not working. For anyone with the same problem
APR 27, 2017 | 11:19AM PDT
Hello Noel,
Welcome to Malwarebytes support Thank you for reporting your issue. Please be advised that this is a known issue caused by a conflict
with the anti-exploit protection and MS Office applications. We are actively researching this and
working on a solution to provide our customers as soon as possible. As a workaround, we recommend
disabling the exploit protection for those applications being affected. It is not necessary to disable
the anti-exploit protection or the other real time protection components altogether. We anticipate a
patch fix will be available in our next program update due sometime in early to mid May.
Launch Malwarebytes.
Go to Settings —> Protection tab.
Click the Manage Protected Applications button located under Real time Protection
Locate the affected application and toggle the protection switch Off. It will change from green to grey.
Click OK.
Close Malwarebytes.

Bad: Windows 10 S is configured with Microsoft Edge as the default browser, and you cannot change it to a different browser.

Didn’t Microsoft have issues with this with the EU back in the day that forced them to ask users what web browser they wanted to use?

They did, You can only install Apps from the App Store in Windows 10 S, there is currently only 1 “Browser” in the Windows App Store at the moment.

More about the fact that the article suggests that you cannot change it to a different browser… Even if you could install Firefox or Chrome from the windows store. Way to make a monopoly again.