Windows 10


Microsoft could be on the verge of a major overhaul of the Windows 10 GUI.

Can someone say “hello Mac”



As long as it’s NOT “Hello Mac iTunes”, iTunes is a MESS!!!


unfortunately I have to use iTunes, prefer MediaMonkey but doesn’t play well with my iPod.


I’m on the Google Play Music bandwagon myself. All my music is on the cloud. Will agree though. iTunes is a mess.










Currently Upgrading 4 of my Windows boxes to the Creator Edition, it’s taking up a bit of Bandwidth :slight_smile:


Don’t want to wait? To install the Creators Update now with the Microsoft Update Assistant.


Windows 10 Upgrade Steps

  • Watch the Upgrade Utility count to 100% as it downloads a couple of TB.
  • The percentage count is reset as it restarts the count to 100% as it prepares to install the update.
  • Your PC will now reboot 1,000 times
  • Microsoft will tell you it’s now configuring Windows, all your applications will be where you left them (There’s another option?)
  • After the update you then spend the next hour resetting the setting back to what they were BEFORE you updated.

Linux Mint 18.0 to 18.1 update

  • select update from the menu.
  • enter password
  • continue to surf the net or watch YouTube as it’s just an update



I’m at 83 per cent in the download and it’s been 7 hours.



I am waiting to do it next week. The internet at the moment is only running at 5mbs (usually at 17mbs).
This happens at this time every year, it is caused by the surfing at Bells Beach 1/2K away.
They stream the competition live to most of the Cafes in town to show on there TVs. unfortunately it goes through the same Telstra servers that i am using,as they get a priority bandwidth the rest of us just have to suffer. With an estimated extra 20,000 mobile phones in town that bandwidth is just as slow