Breaking the Fourth Wall:
Antepenultimate episode.
Quite a moment when Agnes revealed herself to be Agatha Harkness and that has powers like Wanda.
Also funny seeing Darcy working in the circus.
Among the flurry of images at the start was that of a fish in a bowl.
Undoubtedly given the name of the series, this is meant to be a reference to A Fish Called Wanda.

Previously On:
Penultimate episode.
The infamous Previously On becomes an episode title.
This Previously On however does not show what was previously seen in the series.
Instead it has flashbacks to how things got to this present situation.
This starts with Agatha Harkness in the midst of the Salem Witch trials as she is about to be burnt as a witch but saved herself from that fate.
We then go to the present day with Agatha forcing Wanda to relive through memories leading to her taking over Westview with her vision (no pun intended) of what it is supposed to be and based on sitcoms that she had watched.
Fascinating episode all the way through.

The Series Finale:
Yeah the finale is called just that The Series Finale.
Quite a battle that ensues here which includes two Visions fighting against each other!
Wanda’s battle against Agatha ultimately has the former trapping the latter back to her Agnes self.
Always sad when a dream is over and that is the decision that Wanda had to make.
Intriguing in the mid-credits scene that Monica is informed by a Skrull that a friend of her mother’s want to meet her but we don’t see this meeting.
More intriguing by what is seen in the post-credits scene indicating there is more to tell of this story.
If this means that there could be a season 2 would sure make a liar of the said episode title.