Veronica Mars

How? Why?

I’m not complaining but I thought this was done with that Kickstarter movie they did.

A long time ago… We used to be friends.

Spring Break Forever:
Season 4 opener.
Intriguing start to the fourth season with the lead-up to a bombing as Keith and Veronica got hired by a Congressman whose son was killed in the bombing.
Ominous statement from Veronica’s narration about caring.

Chino and the Man:
Season 4, Episode 2.
Interesting conversation that Veronica and Keith had with Penn in a basement.
Enthralling when Matty got chased by some men before being saved by Veronica.

Keep Calm and Party On:
Season 4, Episode 3.
Shocking on hearing what that video was about that was subject to blackmail.
Shocking that explosion at the end.

Entering a World of Pain:
Antepenultimate episode of season 4.
A worrying moment when Keith did not seem to be pretending with his health whilst Veronica was investigating a hotel room.
Intriguing conversation between Big Dick and Pickett before Keith came by.