Venom teaser:

Venom Official trailer:

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How The Venom Trailer Should Have Ended:

For anyone who has yet to see it, there is something extra at the end credits and certainly had me flabbergasted on seeing it.
Released in 2018, Venom is Marvel property relating to Spider-Man. This film has been described to be adjunct to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but not actually part of it in contrast to Spider-Man who had been incorporated into the MCU.
In his own movie Venom has no dealings with Spider-Man as it is all about Venom.
Venom turned out to be better than expected for me including seeing the symbiotic relationship between Venom and his host Eddie Brock.
The mid-credit scene prior to the aforementioned something extra was very intriguing and Iwould not mind seeing a sequel to see what this is about.

How Venom Should Have Ended: