Vagrant Queen

A Royal Ass-Kicking:
Series opener.
Vagrant Queen lasted for one season of 10 episodes.
Created by Jem Garrard and of the 10 episodes he wrote and/or directed seven of them.
In a bit of a riff on Star Wars, the captions says that this takes place in a galaxy but not ours!
This is about a former queen Elida who had been forced to live a different life after the fall of her queendom and is now a fugitive from the regime that replaced her.
Very bland overall as Elida is battling to survive in her current reality.

Yippee Ki Yay:
Episode 2.
The episode title comes from Die Hard.
Interesting seeing flashbacks of how Elida and Isaac first met and how it relates to their current situation.
Not bad the fighting bad that gets incorporated here.

Nobody’s Queen:
Episode 3.
Interesting that this is the first of three episodes that this was neither written nor directed by series creator Jem Garrard as it has a flashbacks to Elida when she was a child queen.
Surely this backstory would have been handled by Garrard as the series creator.
Not bad the flashbacks as it reflects on Elida’s current situation.

In a Sticky Spot:
Episode 4.
Not bad how this is set at the Republic border and how close Lazaro is in getting to his prey Elida.

Temple of Doom:
Episode 5.
Too bad Elida did not find her mother where she thought she would be due to a deception that was made to her.
Too bad that Isaac’s betrayal was revealed and the consequence of this.

Requiem for the Republic:
Episode 6.
Quite a sight with Lazaro beginning his ascent to power and how he used this power.
Quite a requiem for this republic.

Sunshine Express Yourself:
Antepenultimate story.
Sunshine Express is the name of your train and certain mayhem goes on there all because of a scientist that was on board.