Trust Me

Trust Me is a mini-series starring Jodie Whittaker.
Trust Me came on in August 2017 after it was revealed that Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who and Trust Me has her playing a fake doctor!

Episode 1:
Series opener thrilling start to the series with nurse Cath Hardacre (Jodie Whittaker) losing her job after she raised concerns about patient neglect.
What comes next is Cath taken on the identity of her doctor friend Alison Sutton and there was some close shave when this fake identity was nearly blown.

Episode 2:
Oh dear Cath maintaining her fake identity is precarious after seeing a former classmate of the real Alison at a conference.
Things really took a turn at the end when Andy picks up a call asking Cath.
Cath as Alison tried to pass this off to him as someone getting her name wrong but after she went out to see her sick father, Andy goes on the Internet and sees the picture of the real Alison with Cath with the names captioned at the bottom.

Episode 3:
Penultimate episode.
Somehow I was surprised that Andy did not reveal to Cath right away on knowing who she really is hoping she will him herself.
However when it became clear to Andy that was not going to occur he called out her real name revealing what he knows.
Very sad in the midst of all this that Cath loses her father.
Harrowing end to the episode when a patient that Brigitte had sent home only to come back and dies from a serious medical problem.
This leads to a dilemma for Cath in which Brigitte asked her to lie for her and this anguish is effectively presented on-screen.

Episode 4:
Cath’s identity is on the verge of being blown when she told her ex about it and as he was about to go to the police to rat on her he gets hit by a car and ultimately dies from it.
The identity is kept intact with Cath getting a promotion and the series is left open-ended no doubt leaving open to a second season.
It will be interesting to see where things would go from here that is if Jodie Whittaker manages to find enough time from having a break from Doctor Who in the foreseeable future.

Trust Me has been commissioned for a second season but it will not continue the story of the first season due to original star Jodie Whittaker now the Thirteenth Doctor.
The second season will instead “be set on the neurological unit of South Lothian Hospital, following Syrian tour veteran Captain James ‘Jamie’ McKay as he recovers from spinal injuries and psychological trauma whilst facing a potential new enemy as patients unexpectedly die around him.”

Season 2, Episode 1:
Season 2 opener.
The second season of Trust Me revamped the series as original star Jodie Whittaker went to become the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who.
The second season which tells a different story has Doctor Who references with the opener stating that a patient has a shrine to Doctor Who.
The second season starred Alfred Enoch as Corporal Jamie McCain and Enoch is the son of former Doctor Who companion actor William Russell who had played First Doctor companion Ian Chesterton.
phobic a term that was introduced in Robots of Death.
Another character in this season of Trust Me is Dr Zoe Wade (Katie Clarkson-Hill) and both Jamie and Zoe are names of Second Doctor companions.
Wonder if any thought was given for Enoch’s character to be named Ian instead just like the name of his father’s Doctor Who character.
Other members of the Trust Me cast includes John Hannah and with Doctor Who references here it kind of makes up for him being in Dirk Gently.
In Trust Me he plays Dr Watson and he has heard all the jokes about his name.
Good start to the second season distinct from the previous season as Jamie is a patient in a hospital where his fellow patients are dying in mysterious circumstances.

Season 2, Episode 2:
Antepenultimate episode.
Latest Doctor Who references has the TARDIS on Danny’s tablet with the word TARDIS being the password.
In this tablet is a file titled Skaros, a slight variation on Skaro, the Daleks’ home planet.
Intriguing Jamie investigating patients’ death following Danny’s own death and Zoe soon gets involved in this investigation.
Jamie sure got a surprise visit from his mother one he did not appreciate especially in light of that memory of his father.

Season 2, Episode 3:
Penultimate episode.
Awkward homecoming for Jamie culminating with that fight at the bar and that cardiac arrest.

Season 2, Episode 4:
Enjoyable end to the series.
Well handled with Zoe being wrongly wanted by the police.
Dr Watson had been believed to be the murderer but what a surprise it turns out to be his lover Debbie Dorrell instead.