Canadian sci-fi series Travelers has been green-lighted for season 2.

The series is set hundreds of years in the future where technology has developed a means of sending people back in time to the 21st century to help save humanity from a grim future.


It’s a good interesting show ended with a cliffhanger ending (they all got caught by the FBI). How do they get out of this?


Series opener.
Directed by Nick Hurran.
Travelers is a science fiction series created by Brad Wright who had earlier co-created all three live-action Stargate shows.
There are some familiar Stargate faces here with Teryl Rothery as Trevor’s mother Patricia and Gary Clark guest stars in this opening episode.
Fascinating premise of time travellers from the future inhabiting bodies in the present day in order to correct mistakes from the said future and certainly makes an intriguing beginning to the series and in a lot ways it feels similar atmosphere to Sense8.
Director Nick Hurran knows something about time travel as he had been a director on time travel series Doctor Who.
Funny how in a couple of scenes Marcy (MacKenzie Porter) had trouble keeping her clothes on in a couple of scenes but it doesn’t hurt that she is very pretty.


Protocol 6:
Season 1, Episode 2.
Not bad the team’s first mission involving a shipment of anti-matter and how it almost came undone by Dr Delaney.


Season 1, Episode 3.
Intriguing case about the episode title character who is a young boy who got abducted by a couple treating him as their own.
Also intriguing was at the end when one of the Travelers recognised a person on the board.


Season 1, Episode 4.
The episode title is the name of the character played by guest star Louis Ferreira former lead actor of Stargate Universe.
In face Jennifer Spence who has a recurring role as Grace Day was also a regular in Stargate Universe but Ferreira and Spence don’t have any scenes together here.
Curiously enough Ferreira also placed a character called Hall in Primeval: New World.
Interesting seeing a power struggle between MacLaren and Hall over leadership of the travellers and how MacLaren ultimately deals with his rival.
Surprising on who MacLaren was with at the end and it was not MacLaren’s wife.


Room 101:
Season 1, Episode 5.
The Travelers except for MacLaren gets abducted.
Quite thrilling this episode by the torture inflicted on the Travelers by their abductors.


Season 1, Episode 6.
Enjoyable mission the Travellers have here including a Traveler who arrived in the body of a woman who has terminal cancer.
Even though she had terminal cancer it was sad the old woman was shot dead whilst on the mission.


Protocol 5:
Season 1, Episode 7.
What a surprise party that was spring on MacLaren after it began with a pretend arrest of him.
Quite eerie that the Travelers are having side effects which results in them seeing things.
MacLaren’s wife suspects that he is cheating after finding out about the cover story involving her.


Season 1, Episode 8.
Interesting episode about a bomber Traveler and when he got tricked on a hearing which turned out to be the Traveler trial for him.
Also Marcy got David in trouble with his superior at work and how she solved this problem.


Season 1, Episode 9.
Carly loses her job before she could get started on it due to the domestic violence case in which she is the victim. That is quite outrageous.
Thrilling part of this episode was towards with the end with MacLaren was on a plane and unfortunately so was his wife Kathryn who followed him there thinking she will caught him in the act with Carly.
The plane crashes but MacLaren and Kathryn along with a congressman who becomes a new Traveler survived but unfortunately MacLaren gets taken away on an ambulance before the others could get to him.


Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Fascinating and eerie episode in the aftermath of MacLaren surviving the plane crash.
Kathryn’s memory of the plane crash got erased with it being substituted by a wild party.
Eerie when we see a different version of Kathryn that MacLaren meets as this Kathryn saying that they are both are and are not the persons that they appeared to be.
Kind of offputting when MacLaren is reunited with Kathryn in the real world after what we just seen of him here.


Penultimate episode of season 1.
First appearance by another familiar Stargate SG-1 face that of Tom McBeath who had played Harry Mayborne in that series.
The episode title refers to Marcy who has become my favourite of the Travelers.
Trevor kidnaps teacher Grace as he tries to save her from being taken over by a Traveler and it is revealed that it was the picture of her on the board that Trevor had pointed out earlier.
The attempt failed as Grace was taken over and Traveler Grace sure marked a contrast to her predecessor.
Episode ends sadly with the death of the Marcy we have come to known and taken over by a new one.


Season 1 finale.
Directed by Stargate alum Amanda Tapping.
Having gotten used to the previous Marcy, kind of offputting to now get to know the new one.
Intriguing revelation about the Director as the Travelers gets caught by the FBI led by Walt at the cliffhanger.


Travelers season 2 will make its world debut in Canada on October 16 2017.


Travelers will travel no more as series star Eric McCormack revealed that the series has been knifed.