Tower Heist

Released in 2011, Tower Heist starred Ben Stiller in a star-studded cast.
Stiller plays Josh Kovaks, the building manager of The Tower.n upscale apartment complex in New York City.
The penthouse tenant is Wall Street billionaire Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda).
Not long after we are introduced to Shaw, he is placed under house arrest by the FBI for masterminding a Ponzi scheme resulting in the embezzlement of up to $2 billion.
The problem with this is that pensions of the Tower staff are now lost because Josh gave them to Shaw.
Claire Denham (Tea Leoni), the FBI agent in charge of the case tells Josh suggests to Josh that Shaw has concealed $20 million as a reserve, and that he should steal it.
Josh takes her advice and assembled a team for it.
As heist goes, this is not bad with some twists along the way and also about redemption with Josh feeling guilty for giving the said pensions to Shaw and having to make up for this.

Playing FBI director Mazin who is Claire’s boss is Željko Ivanek.

Ivanek and Leoni would later co-star together in the TV series Madam Secretary (2014-19) with Leoni playing titular Secretary.

Any good?

I said what I think of its quality from “As heist goes,…”