Fallen Flower 1:
Series opener.
Tomorrow explores the world of grim reapers as a young man Choi Joon-woong gets enmeshed with them after a freak accident lands his body in a coma.
Not a bad start to the premise of this series and in a way does this remind me of Dead Like Me (2003-04), another series about grim reapers.

Fallen Flower 2:
Episode 2.
Conclusion of the first story of the series.
Deals heavily with the issue of school bullying and how affects a lifetime and the sins of the bully eventually catches up, in this case, with her.
As someone who went through school bullying, the impact of which still affects and why this episode so resonates with me and the biggest perpetrator of this bullying towards me was the incompetent principal Geoff McNeil.

Forest of Time 1:
Episode 3.
Harrowing time travelling to a rough childhood and the impact it delivered.

Forest of Time 2 & Tree 1:
Episode 4.
Quite interesting the structure of this episode as it concludes the Forest of Time storyline and the start of the Tree storyline and not bad the latter is about a runaway and what this runaway faces.

Tree 2:
Episode 5.
Very harrowing with the case of the runaway and how things come to a head.

A Soul Becomes a Star:
Episode 6.
A harrowing episode as it showcases of how a veteran got to where he is now.

A Prison Without Bars:
Episode 7.
I guess everyone are in prison without bars. I know I am certainly am and that is being in a prison of our own circumstances with no idea how to get out of it.
In this case it is about a woman who struggling to stay thin by deliberately not eating anything.
Quite a harrowing presentation of this very subject.