Just got this email:

Important service announcement: TiVo Service ending on 31 October 2017

After almost a decade of service, we are sad to report that we have reached the end of our TiVo license and the TiVo Service is coming to an end in Australia on 31 October 2017.

The TiVo Service is what delivers electronic programming guide data to your TiVo device each day, so without it, there will be no electronic programming guide and TiVo recording features such as Season Pass and WishList will stop working. For more information on what will and will not work after 31 October see “What does this mean for you and your TiVo after 31 October?”. Your TiVo device will have extremely limited functionality and we discourage customers from using it after 31 October.

RIP TiVo in Australia.

It’s a shame that TiVo Inc didn’t decide to pick up the pieces and run with it.

I still think that TiVo has the best interface of all PVRs… Seven really didn’t let the Australian venture see TiVo’s full potential here in Australia.

The fetch mighty swap out offer seems like a slap in the face too… Considering Gerry Harvey had the fetch boxes for $100 off over Christmas. I wonder if the ozTiVo community will pick up the task of trying to get these series 3 boxes running on their server instead of the TiVo mothership.