Timeless season 2 makes its world debut in the US on March 11 2018.

Timeless season 2 – New Mission trailer:

Timeless 2.3 Hollywoodland had the time travellers in Hollywood 1941 and meeting Hedy Lamarr (Alyssa Sutherland).

This episode came on March 25 2018 and curiously four months earlier on November 14 2017 fellow time travel series Legends of Tomorrow had in 3.6 Helen Hunt their time travellers also in Hollywood albeit four years earlier in 1937 and they too met Hedy Lamarr (Celia Massingham).

Timeless 2.5 The Kennedy Curse, as indicated in its episode title, has the time travellers meeting John F. Kennedy long before he became US President.
This episode came on April 15 2018.
Remarkably 13 days earlier on April 2, fellow time travel series Legends of Tomorrow in the penultimate episode of its third season, Guest Starring John Noble had its own portrayal of a future president as a young man that of Barack Obama.

However unlike Kennedy who dominates proceedings in the Timeless episode, Obama features briefly in the Legends of Tomorrow episode.

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes:
Season 2, Episode 7.
The episode title does not refer to the wife of Sherlock Holmes.
It instead refers to the moniker used on the real life Grace Humiston who had a brilliant skill in deduction.
Coming two episodes after The Kennedy Curse featuring a portrayal of John F. Kennedy as a young man long before he became US President, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes has a portrayal of Woodrow Wilson but during his time as President in 1919.
In a contrast to real history this episode sees the deaths of two real life figures US Senator James Wadsworth Jr and Alice Paul in 1919. In reality Wadsworth lived until 1952 and Paul until 1977.
Having never heard of Grace Humiston before it was quite fascinating to see her as Mrs Sherlock Holmes and in the midst of the women’s suffragette movement.
It was sure impressive when she gave that speech one that should have been given by Paul had she not been murdered.

Timeless has been knifed after two seasons.

NBC has ordered a two hour Timeless TV movie finale after earlier knifing the series.

The Timeless TV movie finale will make its world debut in the US on December 20 2018.