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The X-Files is coming back for the 2017-2018 season.

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Gillian Anderson announced that season 11 will be her final season as Scully.

If I could do my own casting of Mulder and Scully then I will be Mulder and Karen Gillan my Scully and Karen is a redhead like Gillian Anderson.
In fact Karen and I share the same eight year age gap with David Duchovny and Anderson with Duchovny and I both the older gentlemen.



Season 11, Episode 5.
Mulder and Scully’s case involved a teenage boy Jackson Van De Kamp who they ultimately discovered to be William.
A fascinating episode in which William is revealed to have the ability to change people’s perceptions and the results that came about with ability.
Francois Chou plays Peter Wong a mysterious figure who briefly meets Scully.
However anyone who has a quick eye would notice that Wong’s face was first seen on a jacket of a book that he wrote and that certainly sets up that revelation at the end.



Season 11, Episode 6.
This episode marks the brief return of James Pickens Jr as Alvin Kersh who was last seen at the end of the ninth season in 2002.
Kersh is still a very mean character.
Pickens’ return as Kersh here is brief probably because it is of a little time he could find from having a break from filming Grey’s Anatomy where he plays Dr Richard Webber since this show started in 2005.
In fact Alvin Kersh and Richard Webber could not be more different to each other as the latter is a nice and cuddly character.
Just as Pickens was Mitch Pileggi’s (Skinner) mean boss in The X-Files, Pileggi got to pay Pickens back on this when he guest starred in Grey’s Anatomy as Pickens’ mean boss.
Kitten is a fascinating episode about Walter Skinner’s past from his time in the Vietnam War and incidentally the young Skinner from Vietnam was played by Pileggi’s nephew Cory Rempel.
Kitten guest stars Haley Joel Osment who is well known as the kid who saw dead people in The Sixth Sense is now all grown up here in a father-son dual role and Kitten is the nickname given to the father.
Kitten is truly a marvellous showcase for Walter Skinner including how Mulder and Scully made him the person he is now.



Season 11, Episode 7.
Co-written by Kristen Cloke who as an actor has been in The X-Files before in The Field Where I Died and for this episode that she co-written she voices Wendy.
A very interesting episode which involves very little dialogue between Duchovny and Anderson.
It is somewhat funny the reason the menace they face for doing what they do.



Antepenultimate episode of season 11.
Not a bad episode involving the murder of a couple of children in a small community, the use of witchcraft plus a dose of adultery.
Also that figure from the kids’ show shown on a TV is very creepy.



My Struggle IV:
Season 11 finale.
Gillian Anderson’s swansong as Scully but no word as yet whether this is the swansong of The X-Files itself or would there be a 12th season.
Looks like it is the end of Monica Reyes as she gets shot by Skinner when she was driving towards him while Skinner’s fate is left ambiguous.
The series/season finale comes back to William and this time around he is presented as a terrifying character.
Quite a trick when William posed as Mulder to Scully.
Whilst as Mulder, William is shot by Cancer Man and falls in the water and the real Mulder in turn on seeing this shoots Cancer Man and he too falls in the water.
However this is not the first time that Cancer Man had appeared to be killed off only for him to come back alive later on. Future appearances by Cancer Man should not be ruled out that is if The X-Files still has a future.
Enthralling the revelation that Scully gives to Mulder as it ends with William, still alive, coming above the water.



The X-Files 11.4 The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat guest starred Brian Huskey as Reggie Something who says that he had worked on the X-Files with Mulder and Scully but Mulder and Scully have no memory of him.
This episode came on January 24 2018 and almost two months later on March 13 he was in the Pilot of For The People in which he played a somewhat similar character as he says that he had worked in an agency that no one other than himself believed existed.



Weird Science 3.14 Fly Boy is a parody of The X-Files with Agents Scolder (Larry Poindexter) and Molly (Jamie Rose) and The Smoker (Bill Bolender).