The Way It Is


Nine Entertainment Co has launched The Way It Is, a new podcast showcasing the biggest and most talked about news and current affairs stories of the week.

Hosted by Nine News journalists and good friends Leila McKinnon and Neil Breen, The Way It Is will dissect the important, the absurd and the unabashedly frivolous in the weekly news cycle.

Between them, McKinnon and Breen have more than 50 years’ experience in the Australian media and won’t hold back in expressing their take on what’s making news across the globe.

Each episode of The Way It Is is promising heated discussion and the odd stoush as the hosts chat to the newsmakers and newsbreakers about the stories that grabbed their attention over the past week.

Leila McKinnon said:

“Breenie is the biggest news junkie I know, and I’ve met a few. The Way It Is will be all about the news you may have missed, the facts behind the stories, and a fresh perspective. You’ll go away with plenty of fascinating facts with which to entertain or bore your friends.”

Neil Breen said:

“Leila and I have been discussing news together since 1993 so we’ve had plenty of practice. I’m really looking forward to it and listeners will love her wit.”

The Way It Is is available for download at or via iTunes every Thursday.