The Sweeney

Released in 2012, this is a movie version of The Sweeney.
The Sweeney had been on the big screen before twice in the 1970s but those movies were made with the cast of the TV series and as tie-ins to the TV series.
The 2012 Sweeney in contrast is set contemporaneously and not connected to the TV series as it is complete remake.
Starring Ray Winstone (in place of the late John Thaw) as Regan and Ben Drew (in place of Dennis Waterman) as George Carter with Damian Lewis (in place of the late Garfield Morgan) as Frank Haskins.
Other cast members include Hayley Atwell as new character Detective Constable Nancy Lewis.
Winstone himself was in the original TV series as an extra in Loving Arms aired in 1976.
Overall this movie did not gel with me.
In general it did not have same Sweeney spirit with me.
It fell muddled in lot of places and its resolution felt underwhelming.