The Real Housewives of Sydney

Since the show was announced mid-last year, it’s been an eager wait for fans of the series. But don’t compare them with the Melbourne housewives.

More on the new show, with IVs with the main cast.

Housewives go to war

Real Housewives of Sydney star Victoria Rees has asked police to investigate her controversial co-star Lisa Oldfield over the “cyber bullying’’ of Rees’ son, reports News Corporation.

The Daily Telegraph was on hand on Tuesday as Rees attended Rose Bay Police Station to lodge a complaint. It is understood she has attended the same police station on three separate occasions over the incidents, culminating in an official report being made.

Rees revealed she felt forced to make a statement to police after Oldfield made “disgusting” and “inappropriate” comments on Instagram.

“I sought legal advice and on the recommendation of my lawyers I made a statement with police,” Rees said.

Would you recommend me this show? I haven’t watched it yet.

they are truly horrible human beings during the show (at one point filming was actually suspended) but if your thing is to watch the “real” way the rich and spoilt interact, then I would say yes.