The Rain

Stay Inside:
Series opener.
This starts off on what appeared as an ordinary day at a school with young girl Simone running to her fellow students to get ready for a group exam.
However it is an exam that Simone never took as her father suddenly came in to take her out of school.
Simone’s father takes her, her mother and her little brother Rasmus rushes her to a bunker which Simone and Rasmus knew nothing about.
Simone’s father is a scientist and he says that there is something wrong with the rain that is about to come.
The rain it turns out is very deadly as it kills people.
Simone’s father then ran off somewhere to get something promising that he will be back.
A little later on Rasmus hears knocking on the bunker and thinking that it was his father and opens it.
However it was an intruder wanting to get in from the deadly rain.
The intruder makes a grab for Rasmus prompting his mother to tackle the intruder outside seeing both of them being killed by the rain.
Simone and Rasmus are now alone in the bunker with their father still haven’t come back and they are still alone together when five years have passed.
By this time their food in the bunker has come into low supply.
Simone goes out of the bunker alone to see what she can find but finds that it is desolate ruins.
She then comes back to the bunker but suddenly their oxygen is being depleted forcing both her and Rasmus to come out of the bunker and they are met by other survivors at gunpoint ending this first episode on a cliffhanger.
Absolutely fascinating way to start this series.

Stay Together:
Season 1, Episode 2.
Simone and Rasmus gets taken out of the bunker by the other survivors.
They end up at another bunker where Simone makes an encouraging discovery as she has found her father’s phone there which enabled both her and Rasmus to see their father’s face for the first time in six years.
On the phone their father says he was sorry about something but the siblings have no idea what he is referring to.
Indeed what is he sorry about.

Avoid the City:
Season 1, Episode 3.
Quite a hostage situation involving Rasmus.
Quite a development with a wall.

Trust No One:
Season 1, Episode 4.
Quite a subject matter the episode addresses with its title.
Harrowing the situation with the “strangers”.
What a significance a snake tattoo on one of the “strangers” has on Jean and leading to his flashback which ultimately is a tragic tale in itself.

Have Faith:
Season 1, Episode 5.
The survivors come to a community.
It seemed like an ideal place to be including having water that is safe to used because it is revealed that this community is a cult.
Horrifying when they were served human meat!
Also very sad the flashback for Lea which set the groundwork of where she is now.

Keep Your Friends Close:
Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Quite a situation when the said friends are stuck in a bunker.
Harrowing when they find videos of Apollon testing vaccines on random individuals.

Don’t Talk to Strangers:
Penultimate episode of season 1.
Intriguing episode about the said strangers and the ordeal given to Rasmus.

Trust Your Instincts:
Season 1 finale.
After all these years Rasmus and Simone are finally reunited with their father.
However it wasn’t for long and the activities that their father had done is not exactly pleasant.
In the end all the friends make their escape but shocking what follows is the intent to use a virus as a weapon.

Avoid Contact:
Season 2 opener.
Harrowing the tests on Rasmus and the consequences that it brings.

The Truth Hurts:
Season 2, Episode 2.
Truth literally does hurt as it comes in the aftermath of an experiment on Rasmus that killed people literally around him.
Harrowing flashback about Sarah and absolutely shocking when her parents chose to board a bus without her and her brother staying with her instead.

Stay In Control:
Season 2, Episode 3.
I sure stayed in control of this episode as this episode is remarkably unspectacular.

Save Yourself:
Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
Quite a sad outing to the amusement park.
Pretty much depressing this episode.

Keep It Together:
Penultimate episode of season 2.
Harrowing task of injecting Rasmus with the cure.
Keep it together indeed.
One moment of Rasmus on the operating table made me think of my wife Barbara Crampton being on one in Re-Animator.

Survival of the Fittest:
Season 2 finale.
Quite what it delivers on the episode title and how it culminates with Rasmus’ powers and a certain tragedy that came along the way.

Don’t Give Up:
Season 3 opener.
Oh my what a conflict that is developed between Simone and Rasmus as they on opposite sides of a situation culminating with her throwing herself over a bridge which she survives afterwards.

Never Let Go:
Season 3, Episode 2.
Simone is rescued after that jump in the river.
Quite harrowing what happens to her afterwards including narrowly escaping with her life thanks to her being saved from that fate of her demise.

Stay Strong:
Season 3, Episode 3.
Despite the title this episode this is not quite a strong episode and it is only mildly climatic when Rasmus releases the virus to Martin.

Be the Change You Want in the World:
Antepenultimate episode.
Sad flashback with Kira especially when she is briefly reunited with her childhood friend who was married to someone else.

Love Yourself:
Penultimate episode.
Things are sure tense in this lead-up to The Rain.
This is especially emphasised in this the penultimate episode of the virus coming out of Martin.

And This Too Shall Pass:
Series finale.
As per the episode title, The Rain Too Shall Pass as The Rain reaches its end.
Quite harrowing how things are wrapped and what a full circle it has been for Rasmus due to the experiment that was performed on him at the start.