The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

Released in 1970, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes stars Robert Stephens as Sherlock Holmes and Colin Blakely as Dr Watson.
Christopher Lee also appears as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft.
Produced and directed by Billy Wilder.
This looks presents an affectionate, slightly parodic look at Sherlock Holmes, and draws a distinction between the “real” Holmes and the character portrayed by Watson in his stories for The Strand magazine.
The creators of the BBC Sherlock TV series Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss credited this film as the source of inspiration for their show.
Interesting and fun look of Holmes and Watson with this premise.
It certainly fascinating when Gabrielle Valladon (Genevieve Page) came in and leading to the unveiling of a new weapon inspected by Queen Victoria (Mollie Maureen).
Quite tragic by what is revealed in the final scene.