The Plot Against America

Part 1:
The Plot Against America is a mini-series based on the novel of the same name by Philip Roth.
Created by The Wire creator David Simon and fellow Wire collaborator Ed Burns.
This is set in an alternate American history during Wold War II which sees the political rise of Charles Lindbergh as he makes his serious bid for the presidency against incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt.
We see this rise from the perspective of a working class Jewish family, the Levins.
This mini-series came in 2020 and at least one reviewer has made comparison with another mini-series the previous year’s Years and Years.
Years and Years sees the rise to power in Britain of Vivienne Rook who like Lindbergh is a figure of far-right populism.
Like The Plot Against America, the said rise to power is being seen from the perspective of an ordinary family.
However the one aspect that differs between the two narratives is that Years and Years tells of a plausible future while The Plot Against America presents a different history as a result of the past going in a different direction.
For the first episode I found it underwhelming as I have yet to sympathise with the Levin family,

Part 2:
Things are sure tense all around leading to the election in which Lindbergh defeats Roosevelt for the presidency.

Part 3:
Concerning that Bess and Evelyn’s mother dementia has worsened.
Sure is worrying seeing Lindberg America.

Part 4:
Antepenultimate episode.
Sad about Bess and Evelyn’s mother passing away.
Quite an intense argument between Herman and Bengelsdorf.
Bengelsdorf says that Lindbergh is not an American Hitler as Lindbergh came by democratic means.
Well Hitler also came by democratic means. So that is hardly a differentiation.

Part 5:
Penultimate episode.
Certainly anxiety about Kentucky.
Walter Winchell to challenge Lindbergh for the presidency. That would have been interesting to see.
Bess sure gives Herman an ultimatum.

Part 6:
Originally came on April 20 2020 which is Hitler’s birthday which may or not been intentional given that he was the key influence of this tale.
Shocking that Winchell is assassinated.
Lindbergh disappears and the fallout from this is fell throughout especially with the fight at the Levins dinner.
It ends with the emergency election for the new president but the election is rigged with certain ballot papers taken and burned.
Perhaps unfortunately it ends without the election results being revealed leaving it ambiguous what becomes the America created by Lindbergh.