The Party’s Just Beginning


Released in 2018, The Party’s Just Beginning starred, written and directed by my wife Karen Gillan.

My wife Karen plays Liusaidh, a young woman who struggles to get on with life following the suicide of her best friend.

The Party’s Just Beginning is very strong in its content and definitely not one for the faint hearted.

Despite my personal love, for which I have lots of, for my wife Karen, I found this movie very unsettling to watch.

I could not go through this movie without having to feel my stomach.

It is however remarkable that all this came from my wife Karen’s mind although there is one horrifying moment which made me feel incredulous on why she would write herself into this situation.

Overall as actor, writer and director, my wife Karen delivered a strong message of loss with Liusaidh doing it her way to get on with life after the said suicide.

The movie’s score by Kreng is also worth a mention as its haunting tones fits in well with the theme of this movie.