The Night Of

The Beach:
Series opener.
A young man Naz Khan (Riz Ahmed) living in New York steals his father’s cab to go to a popular party.
However along the party he picks up a young woman and abandons going to the party to spend time with this woman.
The next morning to his shock he wakes up to find this woman stabbed to death,
Naz is soon arrested for this murder which he pleads innocence to.
An intriguing start to this mystery.

Made by Bad Wolf Productions.

Subtle Beast:
Episode 2.
In this episode Naz is told by his attorney John Stone that the truth is not on his side.
An instance when the truth isn’t helpful.
Harrowing when Naz is sent to Rikers Island.

A Dark Crate:
Episode 3.
Naz has a change lawyer which could have an impact on his case.
Harrowing on Naz being offered protection at Rikers.