The Man in the High Castle

Started watching The Man in the High Castle on Prime Video, I think it’s meant to be fiction…

it’s loved in this house.

While cuddling…

I’ll pass thank you.

My nan was a POW during WWII - as a child, and an orphan, she was shipped off to Germany to work on a farm - and this show would freak her out.

Yeah, I wouldn’t run around to her place yelling “Check this out Nan, this will bring back some childhood memories”.

You also aren’t going to see this on a normal Broadcast Channel, it’s missing the required laugh track.

would work well on SBS.

S2 has some interesting bits as it introduces an alternative Universe where everything is as it should be and all the main characters are playing different roles in society

If you like this check out SS-GB a similar story but set in England, after England had lost the Battle for brittain, it is occupied by Germany, USA is still not in the war and they still come to the UK for business.
The lead is an English Inspector for Scotland Yard investigating a murder.

SSGB is eerie.