The Librarians

The Librarians season 4 trailer:

Season 4 makes its world debut in the US on December 13 2017.

The Librarians season 4 will be fasttracked to Syfy on December 14 7:30pm.

The Librarians And The Dark Secret:
Season 4 opener.
To my surprise this brings back Nicole Noone, Flynn’s original Guardian from the first The Librarian: Quest For The Spear TV Movie which began The Librarians franchise.
However whereas Nicole was played by Sonya Walger in Quest For The Spear, the character has undergone a recast as she is now played by Rachel Nichols.
Do not know whether Sonya Walger was asked to reprise Nicole and proved unavailable.
A fascinating start to the season with Nicole’s return and the Librarians dealing with a sect in the Catholic Church led by Monsignor Vega (John Noble) in light of the four cornerstone of the Library of Alexandria coming up here.

The Librarians And the Steal of Fortune:

Season 4, Episode 2.

A very fascinating episode in which the Librarians face off against Fortuna the Roman goddess of Fortune.

Fun with the Librarians at the casino including when they suddenly found an unlikely ally and seeing Cassandra’s very good luck at the tables due to her use of mathematics.

Also amusing Flynn turning up in the mirror throughout the episode.

The Librarians And the Christmas Thief:
Season 4, Episode 3.
This is The Librarians 2017 Christmas episode.
Flynn and Eve goes on a vacation leading the Librarians to look after Santa’s sleigh as he himself is on vacation.
It is here that we meet Ezekiel’s mother and sisters with the mother appearing mostly due to Ezekiel showing her the Library.
Things ensues when the mother steals a magic door culminating with them meeting the Patron of Saint of Thieves who is also Santa’s brother.
This episode has the latest Doctor Who reference with Ezekiel’s mother saying that the Library is bigger on the inside and when Jenkins informs the Patron Saint of Thieves that Santa is giving him his sleigh for free comes a music that sounds suspiciously like one that was played in Doctor Who.
Shocking what happens to the Patron Saint of Thieves after Santa offer his sleigh as a gift.
Heartwarming Christmas episode although somewhat uncomfortable seeing Ezekiel’s relationship with his mother played out here.

As a Christmas episode and with it having Doctor Who references, this episode came on December 20 2017, five days before the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special Twice Upon A Time on Christmas Day itself.

The Librarians And The Silver Screen:
Season 4, Episode 4.
Written by Noah Wyle (Flynn).
Flynn and Eve gets trapped in a black and white movie they were seeing in a cinema.
This episode is part of The Librarians’ fourth season and curiously enough Warehouse 13, which ran on a similar premise to The Librarians also had a black and white movie episode as part of its own fourth season called The Big Snag.
Fascinating episode which also sees the other Librarians getting trapped in the silver screen first in a cowboy movie and then in a movie set in a spaceship.
Intriguing how this all got resolved by finding re-enacting an ending for Flynn and Eve to get out of the film.
Also interesting about the writer of the film.

I Matthew See personally will be happy to be trapped in a film with my wife Karen Gillan and have fantastic sex with her.

The Librarians And The Bleeding Crown:
Season 4, Episode 5.
Written by Tom MacRae.
Everyone in a small town becomes a senior citizen having aged considerably overnight.
It kinds of a similar situation to MacRae’s Doctor Who episode The Girl Who Waited in which Amy got accidentally stuck in a timestream and aged through life of 36 years.
In the midst of this a legendary Librarian Darrington Dare from the 1880s and a hero of Flynn’s comes to the present.
Sadly we learnt that Dare came to the present from his time the day before he dies.
The other Librarians and Eve also aged considerably but what a revelation that was made about them.
Solid episode with an effective villain in Ambrose Gethik.
Ominous warning from Dare of why there was meant to be one Librarian at a time.

The Librarians And The Graves of Time:
Season 4, Episode 6.
Eve goes on her own to find Nicole.
Quite interesting interaction here between Rebecca Romijn as Eve and Rachel Nichols as Nicole. One wonders how this interaction would have been different if Sonya Walger had been able to reprise Nicole here.
Very unexpected on how Rasputing makes his entrance.
Noble not to mention sad that Jenkins sacrificed his immortality to save Nicole.
After a talk with Nicole, Flynn decides to resign from the Library but is this really the last we see of him.

The Librarians And the Disenchanted Forest:
Season 4, Episode 7.
As this is an episode of The Librarians season 4, NuWho’s own season 4 also has an episode with the word Forest in its title that of Forest of the Dead.
However the episodes missed having the same season episode placing.
Whereas The Librarians episode is 4.7 the NuWho episode is 4.9.
In fact in both cases it is about a forest that is alive.
In the aftermath of Flynn’s resignation, the Librarians gets their minds distracted by going to a camp where they thought they were going for fun only to turn out to be another case for them.
Poor Ezekiel as he kept on getting pranked by Cassandra.
Lindy Booth (Cassandra) was in a similar situation in the movie Wrong Turn (2003) where unfortunately her character got killed off.
Intriguing episode about the Disenchanted Forest and Stone falling for a counsellor who turned out to be an undercover reporter.

The Librarians And The Hidden Sanctuary:
Season 4, Episode 8.
Interesting flashback at the beginning and to be honest do not think how it connects with the present day until it was brought back later on.
Cassandra suffers a breakdown during a mission and as a result takes a vacation by spending it in the town of Havenport.
In fact although circumstances are different this is reminiscent of Donna in Doctor Who: Forest of the Dead who unintentionally took a break from others including the Doctor to spend a simulated life inside The Library whilst Cassandra took a break from a different kind of Library to spend time in a real town.
In fact both Cassandra and Donna are redheads and both episodes narrowly missed having the same season 4 episode placing.
The Librarians episode is 4.8 whilst Forest of the Dead is NuWho 4.9.
Another similarity is that in The Librarians is that of Cassandra briefly seeing Jenkins as a hologram whereas in the Doctor Who episode Donna briefly sees the Doctor.
As Cassandra was settling in on Havenport she gets a job in the local librarian. So she takes a break as a Librarian to become another librarian. I guess that can be called a working holiday.
A very good episode in which Lindy Booth gets to handle things on her own as Cassandra as she stumbled upon on why there have been no accidents in Havenport for over 27 years and how it connects to that flashback.
Perhaps unsurprisingly how she gets the blame when the accident-free town starts having accidents after a long time due to her being the newcomer in the town.
With minimal involvement from her co-stars this was truly a tour de force for Lindy Booth.

The Librarians And a Town Called Feud:
Season 4, Episode 9.
Similar in title to Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy.
This Librarians episode was written by Tom MacRae who is himself a Doctor Who writer but did not write A Town Called Mercy which was instead written by Toby Whithouse.
Both titular town had a redhead as a series regular with my wife Karen Gillan as Doctor Who’s Amy Pond (whom MacRae did write for in The Girl Who Waited) and Lindy Booth as The Librarians’ Cassandra Cillian.
However unlike Amy Pond who visited A Town Called Mercy, Cassandra Cillian did not visit a Town Called Feud as she stayed in The Library this whole time while her colleagues visited the said town instead.
Ezekiel expressed delight on seeing a gift shop. The Tenth Doctor also likes shop and MacRae had written for this Doctor in Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel.
Intriguing case about two brothers who were on opposite sides of the Civil War.
Creepy when the portrait of the brothers moved.
Enjoyable resolution about the Feud which leads to the suggestion about the town being renamed as the literal feud is over and pretty good Ezekiel’s idea of Forgiveness being the new name as it is very fitting for it.
Quite a conundrum at the end as two sets of characters now reversing their respective positions of just how many Librarians there should be.
A resolution that they need to come to as the Tethering Ceremony is coming very soon.

The Librarians And Some Dude Named Jeff:
Antepenultimate episode of season 4.
Series directorial debut by Lindy Booth (Cassandra).
This a body-switching episode in which the titular Jeff swapped bodies with Jenkins.
A very fun body-switching episode in which it mainly sees Jenkins experiencing being in Jeff’s body.
When Jenkins in Jeff’s body told Jeff’s friends about who he really is I expected them to laugh in disbelief but to my surprise they immediately took his word for it.
For Jenkins coming out of this experience he certainly made unexpected friends.
Lindy Booth certainly did extremely well in directing the series for the first time and even got herself as Cassandra dirty along with her colleagues.

The Librarians And the Trial of the One:
Penultimate episode.
Fascinating episode in which the Library has taken over Jenkins’ body and pits the Librarians against each other starting off in nightmares.
This culminates with the Library killing Jenkins and the Librarians all resigning.
We then see the return of Nicole Noone as she explains to Eve that this has all been part of her plan.
Horrifying end with the Library disappearing and Eve in an alternate world.

Meanwhile The Librarians has been knifed after four seasons.

The Librarians And the Echoes of Memory:
Series finale.
Intriguing flashback which reveals that Flynn did not resign from the Library as previously thought as he was taken away by Nicole instead.
When Eve saw Flynn on the TV as the latter talks to the former it is rather akin to Doctor Who: Blink when Sally Sparrow has a perfectly in-sync conversation with the Doctor on a pre-recorded DVD.
However that scene of Eve with Flynn on TV was not in any way perfect because Flynn points out that it is a recording and has no idea what Eve’s words are going to be upon watching him on TV.
Much of the final episode is presented in monochrome (more or less) with the Librarians having no memory of each other.
Pretty good how the problem of Nicole and in a good way for Nicole.
The end has time rewritten and Jenkins alive and immortal again.
The finale was directed by Dean Devlin and is currently in the process of finding another avenue to continue the series.
However if Devlin’s attempt to continue the series at another proves unsuccessful then Echoes of Memory is a fine way to end the series.