The Leftovers

The third and final season of The Leftovers featuring Chris Eccleston has been fasttracked to Australian TV on Thursday April 20 8:30pm on Showcase.
Whilst on the subject of Australia, the final season takes place and filmed in Australia.

The Book of Kevin:
Season 3 opener.
Not bad that it starts off with what happened in 1844.
Then we go to the present day when a military drone destroyed the Jarden Visitors’ Center.
Then we jump three years later.
Kevin sure got worked out over Matt’s new book.
Intriguingly the episode ends with an older woman in Australia who resembles Nora and asked if the name Kevin means anything to her and she says no.

Don’t Be Ridiculous:
Season 3, Episode 2.
Surprise on hearing the Perfect Strangers theme song being played in the opening title sequence of this episode.
One of its stars Mark Linn-Baker appears as himself and is only member of the principal cast of that series to be leftover.
He gets in contact with Nora and it was certainly an enthralling conversation between the two of them.
Also enthralling when the episode goes to Australia and this is where Lindsay Duncan makes her series debut as Grace Playford.

Crazy Whitefella Thinking:
Season 3, Episode 3.
The episode title refers to Kevin Garvey Sr as this episode mostly looks at him and him being in Australia.
Quite a thought provoking episode as we see Kevin Sr what got himself into including meeting Grace.

G’Day Melbourne
Season 3, Episode 4.
Nora and Kevin are in Melbourne the former attends to an appointment whilst the latter sees Evie on TV.
Kevin soon tracks Evie down but it turns out not to be her at all as it is not even Evie’s face.
To Nora’s indignation she was told by the people that she came to see that was not suitable for their purpose.
Quite intense the conversation between Kevin and Nora at the hotel room with Kevin burning the book and the fire from it triggers the sprinklers after Kevin left but Nora still inside just sitting on the bed.
The episode ends with Kevin meeting up with his father and Grace and just leaves Nora behind.

It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World:
Season 3, Episode 5.
As indicated in the title this is a Matt-centric episode.
Matt accompanied by some friends flies to Melbourne to get Kevin back home.
However their plane could not land in Melbourne and they ended up instead in Tasmania.
They then go on a ferry to go to Melbourne.
However this ferry had very weird people on board and Matt meeting someone who claimed to be God.
Coincidentally almost a week after seeing this episode saw the antepenultimate episode of Lucifer season 2, God Johnson in which the episode title character is someone who also claimed to be God.
Notwithstanding what is usually expected of The Leftovers but this episode of seeing mostly Matt on this ferry and the experience he had there makes this a very weird episode.

Antepenultimate episode.
Considering what Kevin Sr revealed to Laurie what they asked of Kevin Jr to do I guess it was not surprising that she drugged the others at dinner.
Very good talk between Kevin Jr and Laurie.
Very ominous that the episode ends with Laurie diving.

The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother):
Penultimate episode.
Kevin goes back to that other world in which he is now the US President with Meg as his Vice President and Patty as his Defence Secretary.
Kevin is also here as his own twin.
Quite shocking when twin Kevin killed Vice President Meg even though she had help him out in the bunker.
A very bizarre episode and begs how the finale is going to look like.

The Book of Nora:
Series finale.
The third and final season began with The Book of Kevin and gets bookended with another book The Book of Nora.
It was nice seeing Nora walking naked here.
Apart from that this finale like the series overall was pretty confusing and the last scene of Nora telling Kevin about seeing her kids again which wasn’t shown here felt more revealing than what was actually shown here.