The Last Dance

Episode I:

Series opener.

The Last Dance is a mini-series that revolves around the career of famed basketball player Michael Jordan.

Intriguing start to the series on Jordan being dedicated to the game and keeping away from drugs and things.

The start of a gifted player in Jordan.

The first time I heard about Jordan was in the 1990s when I was in high school. His name kept coming up in conversations by my fellow students but I never took an interest in that topic.

Funny how things changed.

Episode II:

Fascinating episode about Scottie Pippen.

Also showing the dedication Jordan had shown in his career as well the exposure of mistrust with Bulls’ management.

Episode III:
What a personality Dennis Rodman and perhaps still is.
Also what a challenge that came from the Pistons.

Episode IV:

Quite wild the antics recalled here of Dennis Rodman whilst on leave.

No doubt harrowing a certain choice Michael Jordan had to make back then.

Episode V:

Interesting seeing the icon Michael Jordan became with endorsements of products.

Also fascinating the controversy that Jordan was embroiled into with Democrat Harvey Gantt’s unsuccessful challenge to Republican Senator Jesse Helms in 1990.

Episode VI:
Things were sure testy with a good and fascinating about what has been described as the gamble with Michael Jordan’s reputation.

Episode VII:
Quite tragic that this details the murder of Michael Jordan’s father which led to Jordan to retire from basketball and then to play baseball.
Had me baffled that anyone could have a change of professional sports. Didn’t think anyone could do that.

Episode VIII:
Antepenultimate episode.
Enthralling that details Jordan’s comeback.
This briefly looks into his movie Space Jam. Should not be surprised that Space Jam gets brought up sooner or later.
In fact after seeing this just learned that there is going to be a sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy but without Jordan as he refused to return.

Episode IX:
Penultimate episode.
Enthralling the matches being detailed here.
Tragic how Steve Kerr’s father lost his life.

Episode X:
Fascinating finale as it leads to the said Last Dance.
Interesting what became of the key players in the notes at the end.