The King's Man

The King’s Man trailers:

The King’s Man is a Kingsman prequel (get it) and it stars Ralph Fiennes.

Fiennes had played John Steed in the ill-fated 1998 The Avengers movie and I am of the view that the first Kingsman film is what the said Avengers movie should have been.

I can only wonder whether Fiennes is doing this to make up for the said Avengers movie.

Released in 2021, The King’s Man is a prequel to The Kingsman movie, a slight variation in wording to Kingsman and the third film in the Kingsman film series.
My opinion on the first Kingsman movie was that it is what the ill-fated 1998 Avengers movie should have been like.
It is therefore appropriate for The King’s Man that it starred Ralph Fiennes as Orlando, Duke of Oxford / Arthur and Fiennes had played John Steed in the said Avengers movie.
Unfortunately reviewers who remember Fiennes in said Avengers movie have brought it up in relation to their view on The King’s Man noting that the two movies are just as bad as the other.
My own personal view with The King’s Man is that whilst it is interesting incorporating historical events and historical people into this movie as it chronicles how Kingsman got started, the pace and style in its storytelling was unimpressive as nothing jumped at me to be excited with any of it.
In the end how it this movie wrapped felt rather flat.

This has an interesting mid-credit scene which has Lenin meeting a young Adolf Hitler.

In real-life there is no conclusive evidence that the two ever met.