The Irregulars

Chapter One: An Unkindness in London:
Debuting on March 26 2021, The Irregulars created by Tom Bidwell, based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
This is Sherlock Holmes-related as the said Irregulars, the Baker Street Irregulars works for Dr Watson (Royce Pierreson).
The Irregulars are a group of four teenagers who live in a cellar off the streets of London.
For this first chapter they get hired by Dr Watson for a case on the abduction of new-born babies.
Not bad start to the series with the said case and quite eerie the dream Jessie had.

Chapter Two: The Ghosts of 221B:
Fascinating case about the tooth fairy and how the powers of the tooth fairy got used to commit murders.
Certainly a surprise at the end when Bea got to meet Holmes. Not Sherlock though it was Mycroft instead.

Chapter Three: Ipsissimus:
Mycroft invites and hires the Irregulars at the house of the Golden Dawn (an occult cult) when its leader got murdered.
Not bad how this unfolded and what the chapter title means.

Chapter Four: Both the Needle and the Knife:
Quite a horrifying case with a girl called Clara.
Quite shocking where Bea found Sherlock at the end.

At the same time as seeing this saw Thaddea Graham (Bea) in Doctor Who: Flux.

Chapter Five: Students of the Unhallowed Arts:
Fascinating the story that Sherlock tells Bea about his life from 15 years before as she wants to know about her mother.
Harrowing for Billy seeing a horrible man from his past.
I have my own version of this man and that is a high school principal, by the name of Geoff McNeil, as I am haunted by his mistreatment of me.