The Handmaid's Tale

Season 1, Episode 5.
The thrilling highlight of this was when the former Ofglen now called Ofsteven stole a guard’s car and made an attempt to getaway and running over and killing a guard along the way.
Too bad this ended with her getting caught and placed in a van.

A Woman’s Place:

Season 1, Episode 6.

The episode title refers to the name of the book that Serena Joy wrote in the old world.

Interesting look at what life was like for Serena and the Commander in the old world.

The party was interesting to see.

What a revelation at the end.

The Other Side:
Season 1, Episode 7.
This episode came on May 24 2017 and The Other Side is also the name of the antepenultimate episode of The 100 season 4, which came exactly two weeks earlier on May 10.
In fact I started The Handmaid’s Tale after I read a recommendation for viewers who also like The 100 as both series presents a post-apocalyptic world.
Fascinating episode on what was happening with Luke and what he had to go through on his own and who he meets along the way.

Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Nice to see Offred in a dress as the Commander takes her on a night out.
It was at a party that Offred reunites with Moira as Moira has been recaptured.
Quite a determination from Offred not to be like her predecessor who had committed suicide.
Eerie the episode closes with Offred’s etching of “You are not alone”.

The Bridge:

Penultimate episode of season 1.

Quite awkward when Waterford presented Moira to Offred in the bedroom.

The said bridge is where Ofwarren has taken her baby daughter to and getting ready to jump in the water.

The bridge was very very tense and powerfully delivered.

Offred talks to Ofwarren to get her and her daughter off the bridge.

Technically Offred succeeded in doing both because while the baby was given to Offred to hold, Ofwarren jumps into the bridge. Thankfully and luckily she survived.

Coincidentally I have finished seeing High-Rise which had featured Elisabeth Moss (Offred).

Season 1 finale.
Quite distressing for Offred that she sees her daughter Hannah but Serena Joy refuses to let Offred hold Hannah.
That is a lot of profanity all at once as Offred unleashes her tirade on Serena Joy.
Quite a tense moment when the Handmaid were ordered to stone Janine/Ofdaniel to death but luckily for her they refuse to obey the order.
Quite a moment that ends the season with Offred walking out on Fred and Serena Joy.

Season 2 opener.
Fascinating beginning to the second season with Offred being spared a punishment due to a certain condition she was in.
Intriguing flashbacks of the news story of what happened at the Capitol Building and the White House.
What a declaration June made at the end.

Season 2, Episode 2.
The episode title is sure a reminder of women being reverted back to their original status and especially shown in the flashbacks with Emily.
Within the narrative Unwomen refers to Handmaids including Emily who are a colony doing some digging.
Fascinating said flashbacks with Emily especially the circumstances in which she lost her teaching job.

Season 2, Episode 3.
June steps in front of a van in order to be taken. If I had that kind of courage my life would have looked very differently now.
Interesting flashbacks of the nature of June’s relationship with her mother.

Other Women:
Season 2, Episode 4.
Quite unnerving on seeing the hanged man.
Quite creepy the change of attitude for Offred at the end.

Season 2, Episode 5.
Harrowing seeing Offred bleed and the sight of this unnerving to see.

Season 2, Episode 7.
Quite haunting funeral at the beginning.
Intriguing when Cushing got arrested.
Interesting turn of events with Serena employing June’s old skills as an editor.

Women’s Work:
Season 2, Episode 8.
Intriguing what it says in the episode title even to the point of Serena forging her husband’s signature.
Quite a strict rule about Handmaids not being allowed to know the health of a baby.

Smart Power:
Season 2, Episode 9.
Quite intense the Waterfords’ visit to Canada which ended when they got thrown out after a certain revelation were made.

The Last Ceremony:
Season 2, Episode 10.
Tense ceremony and that emotional reunion at the end.

Season 2, Episode 11.
Fascinating episode which is mostly a one-hander for Elisabeth Moss as June as this leads up to June giving birth to daughter June at the end.
This is basically like Doctor Who: Heaven Sent in atmosphere.
Funnily enough just as Holly is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, Heaven’s Sent is the eleventh episode of Peter Capaldi’s second season as the Doctor.

Penultimate episode.
Not really comfortable seeing Offred with a certain pump.
Also uncomfortable to see is that event at the diving board.

The Word:
Season 2 finale.
Emily stabs Aunt Lydia and she truly deserves it.
Really not a good occasion to hear that song in that car.
What an escape for June.


Season 3 opener.

Not bad opener to this season with the journey that June took and its consequences.

Season 3 finale.
Exciting season finale with the rescue of the children and what happens with June.