The Guardians of Justice

Chapter 1: It Was Murder, She Said!:
Start of a terrifying sight of a superhero series.
What a start of a series which had Marvelous Man apparently committing suicide and it may not be what it seems.
Unsettling with the way the series presents itself.
One of the said Guardians, The Speed is played by Sharni Vinson who I have taking a liking to since seeing her in the movie You’re Next (2011) even though she wasn’t the reason why i saw it.

Chapter 2: A Mentally Shattered Megalomaniac:
This has Marvelous Man’s death being investigated by Knight Hawk and this involves a computer by the name of Cortex.
This culminated with a series of images.
Frankly it felt disconcerting and hardly coherent for this viewer.

Chapter 3: Anubis and How I Learned to Love the Nuke:
Anubis is a terrorist group and they are relishing in light of Marvelous Man.
This has attacks made against Anubis and when one attack when wrong it made the President looked really bad.
Quite a terror Anubis has demonstrated themselves to be and not bad the seeing the methods to combat them.

Chapter 4: You Can Own the Word ‘Justice’:
Interesting question the chapter title presents.
Quite a discovery Knight Hawk made of King Tsunami’s affair with Marvelous Man’s wife.
As much as I love Sharni Vinson I didn’t really enjoy her plotline here as Speed.

Chapter 5: When Guardians Fall in Love:
Antenultimate chapter.
If I was a said Guardian the one Guardian I would be in love with is Sharni Vinson as Speed.
Given the chapter title I wasn’t too enthused with its said premise.

Chapter 6: Shame Is a Lower Vibration than Anger:
Penultimate chapter.
Quite a shocking discovery about Marvelous Man and Speed’s discovery of Knight Hawk’s true motives.

Chapter 7: Proximity to Power Corrupts More than Power Itself:
This dominated by quite a lot of messy images, results of which I am not really sure I am satisfied with