The Flash

The Flash season 4 make its world debut in the US on October 10 2017.

The Flash season 4 trailer:

Luck Be a Lady:
Season 4, Episode 3.
Very good premise as an episode as Becky Sharpe who has been having bad luck is now getting all the luck in the world but to the expense of others and does not use her luck for good.
Joe sure got shock at the end that left him speechless.

Crisis on Earth-X Part 3:
Season 4, Episode 8.
Penultimate episode of the 2017 Arrrowverse crossover.
Some more doppelgangers of familiar faces turned up here.
Quite like the team-up of Felicity and Iris at STAR Labs.
The cliffhanger definitely makes me understand why the story will be concluded in Legends of Tomorrow.

The Flash has been renewed for a fifth season.

The Flash season 5 will make its world debut in the US on October 9 2018.

The Flash season 5 trailer:

The Flash has been renewed for a sixth season.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three:
Season 6, Episode 9.
The Flash part of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
This starts with a Birds of Prey cameo with Ashley Scott reprising Helena Kyle and Dina Meyer reprising Oracle.
Also surprised by the cameo of Tom Ellis as Lucifer in this crossover with the Lucifer series but is set in the five-year period before it.
Another crossover with a current DC series but not previously connected with the Arrowverse is Cress Williams as Black Lightning. His part here follows on from Black Lightning 3.9 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis (with Earth Crisis being the clue).
As well as all that John Wesley Shipp is again back as the 1990s series Flash but he makes the ultimate sacrifice here which saves the other Flash.
As his demise is coming we see a clip of him with Tina from that earlier Flash series.
I am the vice president of a science fiction club but unlike my fellow club members they have not seen that earlier Flash. No doubt they will be bewildered by this clip when they get around to it.
The 1990s Flash series only lasted for one season after doing the Flash’s sacrifice, Shipp told The Flash show-runner Eric Wallace,‘Thank you for giving me this opportunity to close a chapter.’
Shocking cliffhanger when the Brandon Routh Superman got replaced as a Paragon by Lex Luthor!

The Flash has been renewed for a seventh season.

The Flash has been renewed for a ninth season.

It has been announced that the ninth and next season of The Flash will be its last.