The Circle (2017)


Saw The Circle (2017) recently.
Fascinating the premise that gets explored here with Emma Watson as the film’s lead doing well with delivering on the purpose of The Circle and quite clever what she delivered at the denouement.
Karen Gillan is also good with what she has been given here in scenes where she was joyful and in scenes where she was glum.
At one point Mae (Emma Watson) commented how long Annie’s (Karen) legs are. This is akin to the Doctor Who mini-episode Clara and the TARDIS when Clara saw a picture of Amy (Karen again) on the TARDIS Databank and made this comment:
“Dear God, that woman is made of legs.
That’s the most legs on any living humans.”

This movie had a production crossover with a project of Karen’s.
When Mae and Annie talked to each by video phone, Annie’s side of the conversation was filmed by the crew of The Party’s Just Beginning, an upcoming film starring, written and directed by Karen.
Super Mario gets referenced here and incidentally I had seen in an article Karen cosplaying as Mario and looked very cute wearing this costume.
Bizarrely whilst filming for this movie took place in 2015 the TARDIS turned up on set much to Karen’s surprise as she herself was in the TARDIS in Doctor Who.
The movie was released shortly after the death of Bill Paxton on February 25 2017. Paxton played Mae’s father Vinnie.
Among Paxton’s other movies was Edge of Tomorrow and Karen herself referenced this movie when she was Eliza Dooley in Selfie 1.8 Traumatic Party Stress Disorder.
In a double tragedy, real life saw the loss of both of Emma Watson’s on-screen parents here as Glenne Headley who played Mae’s mother Bonnie herself had died on June 8 2017 after the release of The Circle.
The Circle is based on the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers.
Months ago long before I saw The Circle I saw the Black Mirror season 3 opener Nosedive and it was noted that its premise is similar to The Circle.
The Black Mirror episode starred Bryce Dallas Howard who is a redhead like Karen.



The Circle (2017) featuring my wife Karen Gillan makes its Australian free to air debut on 9Go! on Wednesday July 10 8:30pm.