The Bubble

Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle For Everest teaser starring my wife Karen Gillan:

This is however isn’t a real movie but one within a real movie that of The Bubble.

Cliff Beasts 6 being a joke movie is indicated by its supposed release date in this fake teaser and has my wife Karen facing dinosaurs.

Of course not the first time she has faced dinosaurs as she has done so before in Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Netflix announced that The Bubble starring my wife Karen will be released on April 1 2022 (and that is for real, not an April Fools it seems)

The Bubble trailer starring my wife Karen:

Released in 2022, The Bubble stars my wife Karen as actress Carol Cobb who comes to a hotel known as The Bubble with fellow actors filming Cliff Beasts 6.
As indicated by the number in the Cliff Beasts title, this is the latest in a movie franchise and Carol had been in the other films in the Cliff Beasts movie franchise except for the previous one Cliff Beasts 5.
She instead went to do a movie role that got panned.
In doing Cliff Beasts 6, her fellow cast members weren’t too pleased on having her back thinking that she abandoned them by not doing Cliff Beasts 5.
Filming on Cliff Beasts 6 was meant for a 50 day shoot at The Bubble but persistent problem saw filming delay and hence the actors’ stay in The Bubble become longer and longer.
Eventually Carol becomes determined to get out of The Bubble as quickly as possible.
I watched the Bubble because I am in love with Karen. I love her so much.
However of all the characters I have seen her play, Carol Cobb has become the one that I liked the least.
Whilst I have stuck around for The Bubble because of Karen it did eventually come to the point of becoming desperate to see this movie reached its ending.
The Bubble presents an atmosphere I am not comfortable with and to be quite it is just downright awful.
The Bubble was released on Netflix on April 1 2022 and it is fittingly an April’s Fool for anyone who got to see it on its said release day.
I did not see it on said release day as I am nervous in seeing my wife Karen in something new and didn’t see it until I was ready on April 21.