The 100


Acceptable Losses:
Season 5, Episode 7.
Absolute terrifying seeing the human experimentation with parasitic worms.
Oh dear the decision that Clarke made about Octavia.
The 100 is loosely based on the book of the same name by Kass Morgan.
Not long after seeing Acceptable Losses saw Four Feather Falls 1.26 Gunfight On Main Street which coincidentally has a character called Cass Morgan as it is same pronunciation but slightly different spelled name to Kass Morgan.


How We Get to Peace:
Season 5, Episode 8.
Nice vision of the future from Kane and interesting the revelation that Diyoza made to him.
Quite harrowing what Bellamy had to do to his own sister Octavia.


Sic Semper Tyrannis:
Season 5, Episode 9.
The episode title is Latin for “thus always to tyrants.”
Octavia sure demonstrated her tyrannical side when she gave her sentence to Bellamy and others.
I couldn’t believe that Clarke killed that man after he gave worship to Madi. Hardly the reason to kill him.


The Warriors Will:
Season 5, Episode 10.
Directed by Henry Ian Cusick (Kane).
Octavia sure went to great lengths to make sure that there was only one choice and that is to follow her.
Harrowing for Clarke to find her mother Abby overdose on drugs.


The Dark Year:
Penultimate story of season 5.
Quite intense when Octavia force one of her people to something or be shot.
Quite intriguing the planning that goes on in this the lead-up to the two-part season finale.


Damocles Part One:

Part 1 of the season 5 finale.

Climatic cliffhanger with Octavia saying the Wonkru line and give herself up in order to give Bellamy and Indra time to run but gets rescued in the end.


Damocles Part Two:
Part 2 of the season 5 finale.
What an ending to the season with everyone escaping into the spaceship when the bomb explodes on Earth.
It would be ten years until the Earth can be safe to be on again and with limited rations this led to the decision for them to go into cryo except Monty and Harper looking over them and to wake them up when the time came.
Clarke and Bellamy were the first wake up by Jordan, Monty and Harper’s son who was born during the hibernation but instead of ten years they have been asleep for 125.
Monty and Harper left behind video diaries as the years go by but sadly both died just placing Jordan into cryo.
The season ends with Clarke, Bellamy and Jordan looking over Earth brightened by two suns and the caption of Book One.
The 100 is loosely based on the book series and the most recent book the fourth Rebellion was released in December 2016.
Perhaps it would be too presumptuous to think that since the first five seasons covered Book One that it would take a total of 20 seasons to cover the whole book series.