The 100

Season 6, Episode 10.
Very good on Clarke defeating Josephine and gets reunited with her friends.

Ashes to Ashes:
Antepenultimate episode of season 6.
Directed by Bob Morley (Bellamy) in his directorial debut.
Horrifying Echo’s backstory of what happened when she was a child.

Adjustment Protocol:
Penultimate episode of season 6.
Absolutely good advice from Abby to make today better than yesterday.
What a sight at Eligius IV that ended this episode.

The Blood of Sanctum:
Season 6 finale.
Not bad ending to the sixth season with Clarke doing what she had to do on the Eligius IV and the impact of the anomaly.

The seventh and final season of The 100 will debut on May 20 2020.

From the Ashes:
Season 7 opener.
Enjoyable start to this the final season, all culminating in the final scene of Clarke burning the Sanctum palace and declaring a new beginning for it.

The Garden:
Season 7, Episode 2.
Fascinating with Octavia and Diyoza in flashbacks bringing up Hope especially how the former was forced to stay behind.
There sure was a set when Colin’s computer was destroyed.
The episode deals with time dilation with time travelling at different speeds at two points due to a black hole.
I saw this not long after a global rewatch of Doctor Who: World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls got cancelled and that coincidentally dealt with the same premise of a time dilation from a black hole.

False Gods:
Season 7, Episode 3.
Sheidheda is saved from execution with fears that it would make him into a martyr.
Harrowing with the nuclear meltdown.

Season 7, Episode 4.
Interesting flashbacks that saw an unlikely friendship with Dev and the reminder that he is not the same people with his said friends at the end.
Intriguing that this episode ends with Clarke and others arriving on an ice planet with no sign of an Anomaly Stone to enable them to leave.

Welcome to Bardo:
Season 7, Episode 5.
Fascinating with the said welcome including the way Hope and Octavia were reunited and unfortunately resulting in them forgetting about this reunion.
Also intense the situation with Sheidheda due to how fanatic his followers are here.

Season 7, Episode 6.
Nakara is the planet that Clarke and others are on and intriguing what they found there.
Indra gets an encouragement to get into a fight with the fact that she didn’t want to do it is exactly the reason why she should do it and that is a very good encouragement.

The Queen’s Gambit:
Season 7, Episode 7.
A family reunion did not quite well as expected with a denunciation and then a killing.
Intriguing on meeting the Shepherd at the end.

Season 7, Episode 8.
This is the backdoor pilot to the upcoming spin-off prequel series.
There is no teaser to this episode as it goes straight into the title sequence.
No doubt presenting it as the pilot to the prequel series as we briefly see the present before into flashbacks of how this all got started.
Intriguing seeing these past events and of course would explore more in the prequel series.
After the flashbacks we return briefly to the present day before the episode ends shockingly by the entrance of a brainwashed Octavia, Diyoza and Echo!

The Flock:
Season 7, Episode 9.
Intriguing the flashbacks showing Echo, Octavia, Diyoza and Hope training as Disciples.
The episode ends in the present literally with a bloody end with the Dark Commander killing everyone in a room and blood on his face!

A Little Sacrifice:
Season 7, Episode 10.
What a combat between Sheidheda and Indra.
For a moment I thought that Sheidheda was going to succeed in killing Indra only for him to be blinded in one eye by Madi.
The one sacrifice that is shown here is at the end by the way Diyoza met her demise.

Season 7, Episode 11.
It is revealed that Bellamy is alive.
Enthralling as this shows Bellamy this time with Conductor Doucette and the experience they have together.
Bellamy is reunited with his friend at the end shockingly he betrays them.

The Stranger:
Season 7, Episode 12.
The Stranger is Bellamy the consequence of his betrayal and what an impact it led to here.

Blood Giant promo:

Blood Giant:
Season 7, Episode 13.
Shocking climax came when Clarke was forced to kill Bellamy!

A Sort of Homecoming:
Antepenultimate episode.
Directed by Jessica Harmon (Niylah) with this her first and only episode of the series that she has directed.
The fallout from Clarke killing Bellamy is felt here.
Shocking when Sheidheda severely wounds Gabriel which he was able to do as he was invisible.