The 100


Season 5 opener.
Interesting beginning to the fifth season with it starting to when Clarke was left alone.
Intriguing end to where Octavia is now as the others have come back to Earth.

Meanwhile The 100 has been renewed for a sixth season.



Red Queen:
Season 5, Episode 2.
With a brief appearance by Clarke, this episode looks at what’s going on with Kane, Abby, Octavia and others shortly after Praimfaya.
Intriguing look at Kara as rebel leader and how she is still around six years later and shocking that Kane is among the next batch of combatants.



Sleeping Giants:
Season 5, Episode 3.
If it was not so tragic it would have been amusing of Murphy unwittingly getting himself trapped with Raven with no escape pod to go back to Earth.
Oh my what a reunion Bellamy has with Clarke and what Bellamy uses to bargain for Clarke’s release.



Pandora’s Box:
Season 5, Episode 4.
Pandora’s Box is The 100 5.4 and NuWho’s own 5.4 is The Time of Angels the first episode in a two parter and the concluding episode Flesh and Stone, River tells the Doctor that he will next see her when the Pandorica opens and in The Pandorica Opens, the Pandorica is revealed to be based on Amy’s memories of a story book based on Pandora’s box.
Certainly a Pandora’s Box in The 100 with frozen prisoners waking up while Octavia tells Wonkru to prepare for war.
However it was good to see Clarke reunited with Abby.



Shifting Sands:
Season 5, Episode 5.
Quite tense the torture with Raven and Murphy.
Literally sands does appear as Octavia ominously gives Bellamy the warning of what might make them enemies.

Just as I am seeing this current season of The 100 I saw a movie which coincidentally also 100 in its title that of 100 Bloody Acres.



Exit Wounds:
Season 5, Episode 6.
Defections sure comes as the high price here.
Not sure I quite like the development for Madi here.

Exit Wounds is also the name of the Torchwood season 2 finale.
In fact this The 100 episode came on June 5 2018 two months after the tenth anniversary of the Torchwood season 2 finale namesake on April 4.
In addition this the Torchwood episode guest starred Amy Manson as Alice Guppy while The 100 episode has series regular Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane and both Manson and Cusick were in the movie Not Another Happy Ending starring my wife Karen Gillan.



Acceptable Losses:
Season 5, Episode 7.
Absolute terrifying seeing the human experimentation with parasitic worms.
Oh dear the decision that Clarke made about Octavia.
The 100 is loosely based on the book of the same name by Kass Morgan.
Not long after seeing Acceptable Losses saw Four Feather Falls 1.26 Gunfight On Main Street which coincidentally has a character called Cass Morgan as it is same pronunciation but slightly different spelled name to Kass Morgan.



How We Get to Peace:
Season 5, Episode 8.
Nice vision of the future from Kane and interesting the revelation that Diyoza made to him.
Quite harrowing what Bellamy had to do to his own sister Octavia.



Sic Semper Tyrannis:
Season 5, Episode 9.
The episode title is Latin for “thus always to tyrants.”
Octavia sure demonstrated her tyrannical side when she gave her sentence to Bellamy and others.
I couldn’t believe that Clarke killed that man after he gave worship to Madi. Hardly the reason to kill him.



The Warriors Will:
Season 5, Episode 10.
Directed by Henry Ian Cusick (Kane).
Octavia sure went to great lengths to make sure that there was only one choice and that is to follow her.
Harrowing for Clarke to find her mother Abby overdose on drugs.



The Dark Year:
Penultimate story of season 5.
Quite intense when Octavia force one of her people to something or be shot.
Quite intriguing the planning that goes on in this the lead-up to the two-part season finale.



Damocles Part One:

Part 1 of the season 5 finale.

Climatic cliffhanger with Octavia saying the Wonkru line and give herself up in order to give Bellamy and Indra time to run but gets rescued in the end.



Damocles Part Two:
Part 2 of the season 5 finale.
What an ending to the season with everyone escaping into the spaceship when the bomb explodes on Earth.
It would be ten years until the Earth can be safe to be on again and with limited rations this led to the decision for them to go into cryo except Monty and Harper looking over them and to wake them up when the time came.
Clarke and Bellamy were the first wake up by Jordan, Monty and Harper’s son who was born during the hibernation but instead of ten years they have been asleep for 125.
Monty and Harper left behind video diaries as the years go by but sadly both died just placing Jordan into cryo.
The season ends with Clarke, Bellamy and Jordan looking over Earth brightened by two suns and the caption of Book One.
The 100 is loosely based on the book series and the most recent book the fourth Rebellion was released in December 2016.
Perhaps it would be too presumptuous to think that since the first five seasons covered Book One that it would take a total of 20 seasons to cover the whole book series.



The 100 season 6 makes its world debut in the US on April 30 2019.



Season 6 opener.
Not bad opener to the sixth season as we see what Earth is like after all this time.
Intriguing that it ends with the ship being stolen.



Red Sun Rising:

Season 6, Episode 2.

Interesting flashbacks of what went on Earth long before the present day.

What a way to end the episode with children running by and asking if they are to be taken home but Clarke thought this was their home.



The Children of Gabriel:

Season 6, Episode 3.

Fascinating on the said Children of Gabriel and the intense situation that it ensues.

Meanwhile The 100 has been renewed for a seventh season



The Face Behind the Glass:

Season 6, Episode 4.

The shocker came at the very end by what happens to Clarke after a certain operation.



The Gospel of Josephine:

Season 6, Episode 5.

Josephine walks around in Clarke’s body and Eliza Taylor definitely relished in playing a new character in Josephine.

Bellamy sure got a shock when realising that he was not talking to Clarke.

Josephine offers Murphy a deal and unsurprisingly he listens



Memento Mori:

Season 6, Episode 6.

Thanks goodness that Clarke is not gone forever as she wakes up in Josie’s mind at the end.