The 100

Sic Semper Tyrannis:
Season 5, Episode 9.
The episode title is Latin for “thus always to tyrants.”
Octavia sure demonstrated her tyrannical side when she gave her sentence to Bellamy and others.
I couldn’t believe that Clarke killed that man after he gave worship to Madi. Hardly the reason to kill him.

The Warriors Will:
Season 5, Episode 10.
Directed by Henry Ian Cusick (Kane).
Octavia sure went to great lengths to make sure that there was only one choice and that is to follow her.
Harrowing for Clarke to find her mother Abby overdose on drugs.

The Dark Year:
Penultimate story of season 5.
Quite intense when Octavia force one of her people to something or be shot.
Quite intriguing the planning that goes on in this the lead-up to the two-part season finale.

Damocles Part One:

Part 1 of the season 5 finale.

Climatic cliffhanger with Octavia saying the Wonkru line and give herself up in order to give Bellamy and Indra time to run but gets rescued in the end.

Damocles Part Two:
Part 2 of the season 5 finale.
What an ending to the season with everyone escaping into the spaceship when the bomb explodes on Earth.
It would be ten years until the Earth can be safe to be on again and with limited rations this led to the decision for them to go into cryo except Monty and Harper looking over them and to wake them up when the time came.
Clarke and Bellamy were the first wake up by Jordan, Monty and Harper’s son who was born during the hibernation but instead of ten years they have been asleep for 125.
Monty and Harper left behind video diaries as the years go by but sadly both died just placing Jordan into cryo.
The season ends with Clarke, Bellamy and Jordan looking over Earth brightened by two suns and the caption of Book One.
The 100 is loosely based on the book series and the most recent book the fourth Rebellion was released in December 2016.
Perhaps it would be too presumptuous to think that since the first five seasons covered Book One that it would take a total of 20 seasons to cover the whole book series.

The 100 season 6 makes its world debut in the US on April 30 2019.

Season 6 opener.
Not bad opener to the sixth season as we see what Earth is like after all this time.
Intriguing that it ends with the ship being stolen.

Red Sun Rising:

Season 6, Episode 2.

Interesting flashbacks of what went on Earth long before the present day.

What a way to end the episode with children running by and asking if they are to be taken home but Clarke thought this was their home.

The Children of Gabriel:

Season 6, Episode 3.

Fascinating on the said Children of Gabriel and the intense situation that it ensues.

Meanwhile The 100 has been renewed for a seventh season

The Face Behind the Glass:

Season 6, Episode 4.

The shocker came at the very end by what happens to Clarke after a certain operation.

The Gospel of Josephine:

Season 6, Episode 5.

Josephine walks around in Clarke’s body and Eliza Taylor definitely relished in playing a new character in Josephine.

Bellamy sure got a shock when realising that he was not talking to Clarke.

Josephine offers Murphy a deal and unsurprisingly he listens

Memento Mori:

Season 6, Episode 6.

Thanks goodness that Clarke is not gone forever as she wakes up in Josie’s mind at the end.

Season 6, Episode 7.
The episode is literally about the mind, Clarke’s mind as she battles it out against Josephine inside it.
This battle between Clarke and Josephine in the former’s consciousness makes me think of Clara doing the same against Bonnie in Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion.
As this is Nevermind, there is a similarly named War Doctor Big Finish episode Neverwhen.
Incidentally the War Doctor made a brief appearance in The Zygon Invasion which preceded the said The Zygon Inversion.
Neat in Nevermind on how Clarke let Bellamy know that she is still alive.

The Old Man and the Anomaly:
Season 6, Episode 8.
Quite a ruckus that went on with Josephine attempting to get rid of Clarke from her consciousness.

What You Take With You :
Season 6, Episode 9.
Episode title looks similar in name to Doctor Who: It Takes You Away.
Curiously The 100 episode came on July 9 2019 just seven months after the Doctor Who episode on December 2 2018.
Intense with Octavia confronting Pike as a hallucination.
Surprising on Clarke seeing Josephine in the waking world.
Tragic by what Kane decides.

Season 6, Episode 10.
Very good on Clarke defeating Josephine and gets reunited with her friends.

Ashes to Ashes:
Antepenultimate episode of season 6.
Directed by Bob Morley (Bellamy) in his directorial debut.
Horrifying Echo’s backstory of what happened when she was a child.

Adjustment Protocol:
Penultimate episode of season 6.
Absolutely good advice from Abby to make today better than yesterday.
What a sight at Eligius IV that ended this episode.

The Blood of Sanctum:
Season 6 finale.
Not bad ending to the sixth season with Clarke doing what she had to do on the Eligius IV and the impact of the anomaly.

The seventh and final season of The 100 will debut on May 20 2020.