The 100


The 100 has been renewed for a fifth season.


The Four Horsemen:
Season 4, Episode 3.
Surprising revelation at the end when Luna’s body is rejecting the radiation because of her NIghtblood in the midst of this dire situation.


A Lie Guarded:
Season 4, Episode 4.
Clarke’s list of 100 designated survivors gets discovered by Monty and Jasper with the former reading it to the others.
That sure put that plan to bust.
For a moment I though Octavia fell to her death but thankfully she survived.


In the Doctor Who: The Fan Show episode LGBTQ In The Worlds of Doctor Who, The 100 gets brought up in conversation in relation to the said subject matter about the controversy when Lexa got killed not long after she started a same sex relationship with lead character Clarke.


The Tinder Box:
Season 4, Episode 5.
It was certainly quite a tinder when that ship blew up.
Quite a shocking end when Abby sees Clarke but it wasn’t really her as this Clarke with her face gave Abby a chilling message.


We Will Rise:
Season 4, Episode 6.
What a dangerous and exciting road trip for the Nightblood.
Quite emotional when Octavia held the gun on Ilian’s head.


Gimme Shelter:
Season 4, Episode 7.
Tense times with Octavia and Illian as they are stuck together in a cave
That conversation between Kane and Bellamy by radio was well meaning. Too bad it ended with Kane saying that Bellamy’s mother would have been proud of him and Bellamy reminding Kane that he had floated her.


God Complex:
Season 4, Episode 8.
Almost the same in name to the Doctor Who episode The God Complex which incidentally featured Henry Ian Cusick’s (Kane) Not Another Happy Ending co-star Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.
Quite bold of Abby taking Luna’s bone marrow herself.
Intriguing ends by a discovery at the decoy shelter.


Season 4, Episode 9.
DNR stands for Do Not Resuscitate.
Quite a surprise when Raven sees the hallucination of Becca.
Poor Octavia could not get away from her true nature as she killed some Grounders where she got provoked by them.
Octavia was sure ready for war at the end.


Die All, Die Merrily:
Season 4, Episode 10.
This is truly an impressive episode for Octavia as she takes part in the fights to the death culminating with her killing Luna to become the champion.
Trouble afoot when the episode ends with the shelter being sealed shut.


The Other Side:
Antepenultimate episode of season 4.
Series directorial debut by Henry Ian Cusick who also plays Marcus Kane in the series.
Enthralling with Raven seeing both the hallucinations of Becca and Sinclair to help her with the decisions she has to make.
Saddening on the suicide pact with Monty and Harper being the only survivors of this situation.


The Chosen:
Penultimate episode of season 4.
A very hard task when it was decided that a lottery would determine who would be in the lucky 100. However that did go quite go according to plan leading to a drastic measure and a difficult decision made afterwards.
Intriguing at the end when Clarke that they were not going out but going up in space.


Season 4 finale.
Courageous decision by Clarke to stay behind on Earth to fix the dish to give the others a safe trip in space.
Unfortunately she suffered from radiation burns.
Surprisingly it then jumps six years and seven days later and Clarke is revealed to be alright.
Good cliffhanger as it ends with a prison ship about to land on Earth.


The 100 season 5 makes its world debut in the US on April 24 2018.


Season 5 opener.
Interesting beginning to the fifth season with it starting to when Clarke was left alone.
Intriguing end to where Octavia is now as the others have come back to Earth.

Meanwhile The 100 has been renewed for a sixth season.


Red Queen:
Season 5, Episode 2.
With a brief appearance by Clarke, this episode looks at what’s going on with Kane, Abby, Octavia and others shortly after Praimfaya.
Intriguing look at Kara as rebel leader and how she is still around six years later and shocking that Kane is among the next batch of combatants.


Sleeping Giants:
Season 5, Episode 3.
If it was not so tragic it would have been amusing of Murphy unwittingly getting himself trapped with Raven with no escape pod to go back to Earth.
Oh my what a reunion Bellamy has with Clarke and what Bellamy uses to bargain for Clarke’s release.


Pandora’s Box:
Season 5, Episode 4.
Pandora’s Box is The 100 5.4 and NuWho’s own 5.4 is The Time of Angels the first episode in a two parter and the concluding episode Flesh and Stone, River tells the Doctor that he will next see her when the Pandorica opens and in The Pandorica Opens, the Pandorica is revealed to be based on Amy’s memories of a story book based on Pandora’s box.
Certainly a Pandora’s Box in The 100 with frozen prisoners waking up while Octavia tells Wonkru to prepare for war.
However it was good to see Clarke reunited with Abby.


Shifting Sands:
Season 5, Episode 5.
Quite tense the torture with Raven and Murphy.
Literally sands does appear as Octavia ominously gives Bellamy the warning of what might make them enemies.

Just as I am seeing this current season of The 100 I saw a movie which coincidentally also 100 in its title that of 100 Bloody Acres.


Exit Wounds:
Season 5, Episode 6.
Defections sure comes as the high price here.
Not sure I quite like the development for Madi here.

Exit Wounds is also the name of the Torchwood season 2 finale.
In fact this The 100 episode came on June 5 2018 two months after the tenth anniversary of the Torchwood season 2 finale namesake on April 4.
In addition this the Torchwood episode guest starred Amy Manson as Alice Guppy while The 100 episode has series regular Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane and both Manson and Cusick were in the movie Not Another Happy Ending starring my wife Karen Gillan.