WiFi calling (Optus) is working well on my Note 5 at home


hows the Note go with CarPlay or whatever the equivalent is?

Always found the Note 4 dodgy in the work vehicles (Kia, Toyota)


Don’t know, neither of my cars has Android Auto or Apple Play.

Both are still an plan with most car Manufacturers.


everytime we used the Note 4 we had to use some stupid thing that makes it hard to text or use messager - had to turn it off, just to access the damn things. Not good when you need to keep in contact and you have a luddite sitting next to you.


Old news…I don’t rate ausdroid as a credible source of breaking news. Hardly “award winning tech news” as their tag line used to state.





Your call is important to us, your employment not so much




Tell me when I can use it everywhere in Oz and I have a usable data cap