Big Brothers of Corona:
Season 1, Episode 12.
Warming storyline of Eugene and Lance reforming two young thieves and how it pay off with the trouble that Eugene and Lance got into.
Funny with Rapunzel taking care of Cassandra who broke her leg.



The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth:
Season 1, Episode 13.
Ruthless Ruth is a ghost that Rapunzel, the Captain and others encounter.
Pretty good resolution of them singing the ghost’s song.



Max’s Enemy:
Season 1, Episode 14.
Max the horse gets a rival in the form of a new horse Axel.
It would later turn out that Axel is among the villains in this episode and not bad that this became the driving plot of this episode and how the villains are dealt with.



The Way of the Willow:
Season 1, Episode 15.
Willow refers to the name of Queen Ariana’s younger sister who comes uninvited to her sister’s birthday.
Willow gives Ariana as her present a creature with a ball and there was sure caused when the creature lost its ball.
As well as the mayhem from this creature it certainly brought to light the nature of the sisters’ relationship.



Queen for a Day:
Season 1, Episode 16.
Double length episode in which Rapunzel gets to be Queen for a Day when her parents went on a trip.
However the King and Queen encounter trouble and are eventually rescued by Eugene and others.
Meanwhile back home Rapunzel makes difficult decision when a blizzard comes along.
A very good double length although I can’t think on what occasion for why this episode was made for this length.
Quite daunting by what Varan pledges at the end.



Painter’s Block:
Season 1, Episode 17.
In the aftermath of the blizzard, Rapunzel takes up an art class but there is something sinister about the art teacher.
Quite a good premise that is explored here with it being so artistic in its development (pun intended).



Not In The Mood:
Season 1, Episode 18.
A fun episode in which an elixir gets our main characters to exchange personalities.
Quite an end by what happens to this elixir after Rapunzel dumps it in the river.



The Quest for Varian:
Season 1, Episode 19.
Broadcast on my birthday December 9 2017.
Rapunzel, Eugene and Cassandra goes to look for Varian after Rapunzel had a nightmare of him.
Rapunzel sure let her hair down here and what a revelation at the end.



The Alchemist Returns:
Season 1, Episode 20.
Intriguing episode which ultimately sees Varian’s betrayal of Rapunzel.
What a revelation at the end with Varian discovering the magic of the flower is now in Rapunzel.



Secret of the Sundrop:
Season 1 finale.
Very good way to end the first season.
Varian sure prove a very good villain especially when he kidnapped Queen Arianna.
Also good mix of the musical in this episode.
Thrilling end to the season with a mysterious warrior slicing through the black rocks.



Beyond the Corona Walls:
Double-length season 2 opener.
Enjoyable beginning to this season.
Intriguing flashback that starts this episode.
Eugene (Zachary Levi) is being forced to marry Stalyan.
Stalyan was voiced by Yvonne Strahovski and this is an in-joke to the fact that Yvonne and Levi had played a couple in Chuck with the title character played by Levi.
The narrative with Eugene and Stalyan marked a contrast to when Levi was Chuck when he fought hard to be with Yvonne’s character Sarah.



The Return of Quaid:

Season 2, Episode 2.

Enjoyable episode about Quaid’s said return as they took back the town.

Funny what went on for this to happen.



Goodbye and Goodwill:

Season 2, Episode 3.

A Goodwill Festival is held just as our main characters are about to say goodbye.

Funny this result in a competition between Rapunzel and Cassandra especially when Cassandra said about bad ideas, Rapunzel said she had plenty of those only to make it clear to Cassandra when Cassandra pointed it out, that Rapunzel did not have plenty of bad ideas.

In the midst of this a giant Sneezeweasel terrorise the town after it was mistaken as a little gopher.



Forest of No Return:

Season 2, Episode 4.

Intriguing the said forest as everyone tries to figure out how to get out of it.




Season 2, Episode 5.

Fun episode in which everyone gets turned into birds and the excitement that ensues to turn everyone back to the way they were.



Tangled: Short Cuts

Night Bite:

Fifth episode.

Funny what happened when Max was placed on guard duty and how this duty was then transferred to Pascal.



Tangled: Short Cuts

Hiccup Fever:

Sixth episode.

Funny, literally funny, how Rapunzel got rid of her hiccups.

Also funny that portrait of Eugene at the end.



Tangled: Short Cuts

Seventh episode.
Fun seeing Rapunzel having fun in the snow.
Funny ending when it was Eugene’s turn.



Tangled: Short Cuts
Episode 8.
Rapunzel takes a go at cutting on Eugene’s hair.
Funny what the result was and her going to lengths to hide from him seeing it thinking he won’t like it.



Tangled: Short Cuts

Episode 9.
Funny with Rapunzel’s investigation of a mystery here.