Tangled Before Ever After:
Tangled Before Ever After is a sequel to Tangled and served as a pilot to Tangled: The Series.
Before Ever After takes place six months after the original movie,
A very enjoyable lead-up to The Series and good explanation of why Rapunzel gets back her very long hair.
Lady Caine makes for a very good villain especially when she crashes the coronation.


What the Hair?:
Season 1, Episode 1.
Enjoyable series opener proper as Rapunzel deals with the immediate aftermath of getting back her long hair.
Rapunzel and Cassandra followed by Eugene goes to see an alchemist Varian to solve the mystery of the long hair.
Quite dangerous that are Varian’s machines and almost came to destroy the village.
Eerie that the episode ends with a rock spike coming out of the ground.


Rapunzel’s Enemy:
Season 1, Episode 2.
Rapunzel gets booed at a ceremony and the booer Uncle Monty is liked by everyone else.
Given the high esteem that Uncle Monty, Rapunzel attempts to get him to like her well as well as an explanation of why he booed her and that included her disguising herself as someone else.
Fun as we anticipate Uncle Monty’s reason for booing Rapunzel and what they agree to in the end which probably did not sit well with me.
Hey at least Rapunzel got Uncle Monty back for booing her.


Fitzherbert P.I.:
Season 1, Episode 3.
I have no idea what P.I. refers to here as it certainly not private investigator.
After catching a criminal Eugene trains to be a royal guard and amusing that the Captain of the Guard who trains him is Cassandra’s father.
Not bad the other plotline about the royal portrait and how that got tie in to Eugene being a royal guard.
Amusing a particular lesson that Eugene learns as a royal guard and what he is given to do afterwards.


Challenge of the Brave:
Season 1, Episode 4.
Cassandra goes into the competition of the Challenge of the Brave and becomes infuriated when Rapunzel does the same and Rapunzel only done so to bond with Cassandra.
While this plotline between Rapunzel and Cassandra was interesting to see, Eugene part in the episode was very funny as he step out of seeing the competition but left his ticket behind.
It was funny that he was told that he needed to buy a ticket to get back into the stadium to get his old ticket but the problem that is that he also left his money behind there.
Very funny afterwards what he does afterwards to get back in the stadium and the end result of it.


Cassandra v. Eugene:
Season 1, Episode 5.
The not-friends Cassandra and Eugene have been arguing a lot and Rapunzel locks them in a dungeon cell in order to help them get along with clues on how they get out.
Fun when the Cassandra and Eugene had to deal with an old adversary of Eugene and Eugene bringing up leverage when talking to his enemy.
Pretty good that Cassandra covers an accident that Eugene had done to the king.


The Return of Strongbow:
Season 1, Episode 6.
Eugene’s old childhood friend and partner in crime Lance Strongbow comes to town and got Eugene to do a new job together.
It came as a shock to Eugene what this job actually was and made Eugene confess to the queen what he did some years ago despite Rapunzel offering to cover it up.
Quite commendable of Eugene in making this confession.
After all one has to do what one’s conscience demands needs to be done.


Short Cuts


First episode of the Short Cuts mini-episodes.
Fun little episode with just Pascal and Maximus.
There have a fun little fight before settling down to play chess as that is what the episode title alluded to.


Short Cuts

Prison Bake:

Second episode.

The title is obviously a play on Prison Break and coincidentally I had finished the fifth and latest season of that series.
Fun on how it delivered on the episode title and the presentation of the Cookey named as such due to it being a cookie in the shape of a key!


Short Cuts

Make Me Smile:

Penultimate episode.

Very commendable of Rapunzel in making an old woman smile.

Funny with Eugene at the end.


Short Cuts

Hare Peace:

Final of the Short Cuts.
Fun episode in which Rapunzel chases a rabbit only to find that was not what was meant to look for.


In Like Flynn:
Season 1, Episode 7.
Very fun as Eugene helps the king pull a prank on a rival king.
Meanwhile back home Rapunzel does her own prank including tricking Cassandra in making her think that she was going to paint out that mural which Rapunzel had drawn, on her own.


Great Expotations:
Season 1, Episode 8.
Episode title is word play on Great Expectations and it takes place at a science exposition.
Interesting in the midst of this exposition Cassandra has a chance to be on guard duty.
Exciting by what when on at this exposition.
Thrilling ending as Rapunzel, Cassandra and Varian have a look at the black rocks.


Under Raps:
Season 1, Episode 9.
Cassandra gets a date but turns out to be a villain.
Eugene and Rapunzel soon finds this out but it was pretty good that Cassandra already knew that ll along.


One Angry Princess:
Season 1, Episode 10.
The episode title is a word play on 12 Angry Men.
Attila opens a bakery but it has competition from Uncle Monty’s Sweet Shack and when the latter gets vandalised Attila is arrested for its vandalisation.
Rapunzel however believes in Attila’s innocence.
Intriguing what the truth behind this vandalisation and funny with the bell at the end.


Pascal’s Story:
Season 1, Episode 11.
Moving episode in which we see a little history Rapunzel and Pascal and what they mean to each other from back then and in the present day.
The significance of this relationship as Rapunzel tries juggles with her responsibilities and spending time with Pascal and in this situation it leads them back to the castle where they first knew each other.


Inside The Journal

First Entry:

Interesting first entry to Rapunzel’s journal as she gives an overview of what will written in her journal.


Inside The Journal


Second entry.
Interesting Rapunzel’s account of Cassandra including whether Cassandra actually likes her.


Inside The Journal

Queen Ariana:

Third entry.
Interesting account Rapunzel has of her mother the said queen.


Inside The Journal

King Frederic:

Fourth entry.
Rapunzel sure put a succinct account of what a strict but also loving father King Frederic is