Released in 1991, Switch starred Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits and written and directed by Blake Edwards.
First came across this movie when I was a teenager as it was a movie rented by a elder sister but I only saw bits of it.
It was only in recent months that I was reminded of this movie and decided to watch this movie in full. So thanks a lot of sis.
However I did not get into it straight away as I was found that this was based on a stage play Goodbye Charlie which got adapted into an earlier movie of that very name in 1964.
So I saw the 1964 Goodbye Charlie film.
I also discovered that Goodbye Charlie then became a one-off TV pilot in 1985 and saw that as well.
Then I finally went into Switch which is about a womaniser Steve Brooks (Perry King) got killed by his former girlfriends.
He then comes back to life but as a woman (Barkin) and calls herself Amanda as it was the name she could come up with when she found she is no a man (get it.)
Overall this did not come out to my taste and I especially became uncomfortable with the movie’s last stages.
Not worth the wait.