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Look, I can tell you a lot of things about Richard King, but those were in the past.

I remember the grandmother of a girl I once dated was fascinated with me because I worked with him once. She asked me what he was like, because she adored him. My response shocked her: “if you have nothing nice to say…”

So all I can say to this is - doesn’t surprise me one little bit.

King’s racial attack goes to air


Geoff Field is leaving the 2SM Super Radio Network.

It is believed he is moving to the new 2CH. Confirmation will come later today.


Nope, off to university.

Journalist and muliti-ACRA nominated newsreader Geoff Field has accepted a career challenge and joined the University of Technology in Sydney. He will be a full-time mentor to journalism students and news director of 2SER FM.

He takes over from Kirsty Meyers who has accepted a job as a content director at a radio station in the UAE.




Tamworth’s 92.9 has rebranded as One FM.

No idea why.