Star Trek: Lower Decks

Second Contact:
Series opener.
I am afraid from this first episode I was not impressed by it especially what Mariner and Boimler had to do against a farm animal.
A surprise came when it was revealed that Mariner is Captain Freeman’s daughter.
The attack by an alien virus was the only exciting aspect of this first episode.

Season 1, Episode 2.
Boimler and Mariner are on a mission to transport Klingon general K’orin.
Quite crude how this all played out.
Truly unbelievable how a Ferengi was involved in all this.
I guess it was not bad that Rutherford kept changing divisions and initially we kept an impression that an officer in charge was not going to like this switch only for him to be OK with it.

Temporal Edict:
Season 1, Episode 3.
A couple of disasters here.
The first is with a diplomatic visit which went wrong because someone presented the wrong thing.
Funny the reminder that Mariner speaks freely at anytime she wants.
The other disaster was Boimler accidentally revealing buffer time to Captain Freeman.
The outcome to that has a mandate named after Boimler, The Boimler Effect.
The legacy for Boimler with this is then seen in the far future where we also see, to my surprise, the statue of Miles O’Brien!

Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Veritas is Latin for truth and Veritas was earlier the subject of Doctor Who: Extremis.
In certain ways Veritas, the Lower Decks episode is not unlike the Doctor Who episode.
Mariner, Boimler, Tendi and Rutherford are brought in for questioning by a nearby alien race as senior officers from the ship were placed on trials.
The accounts from them were amusing and leads to the revelation that it wasn’t a trial but a party given to the senior officers for the help they have given them.
In the midst of all this came the surprise appearance by John de Lancie as Q, his first appearance as him since Q2 for Voyager in 2001.

Strange Energies:
Season 2 opener.
This episode involves a callback to Gary Mitchell and the power he possessed in Where No Man Has Gone Before.
Certainly a sight seeing a big head literally taking a bite at the Cerritos.
Not bad to start the second season with Jonathan Frakes’ brief appearance as Riker at the end.