Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery season 2 NYCC trailer:

The trailer revealed that an iconic character is appearing this season.

The new actor playing this character is Ethan Peck.

While this character is a legend, Peck in real life is related to a legend as he is the grandson of Gregory Peck.

Season 2 will debut on January 17 2019.

The new Spock is played by Ethan Peck.

While Spock is a legend, Peck in real life is related to a legend as he is the grandson of Gregory Peck.

Star Trek: Short Treks


Second episode.

Starring Aldis Hodge as Craft.

He wakes up after a thousand years and this huge time jump is sure unsettling.

He wakes up to find his only companion is the computer Zora.

This reminded me of the movie Passengers as it basically runs on a similar premise.

Quite sappy for my liking.

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 will make its world debut in the US on January 17 2019.

There will be two animated Star Trek: Short Treks in April.

Philippa Georgiou as played by Michelle Yeoh will get her own spin-off from Star Trek: Discovery.
The spin-off will see her adventures as a member of Section 31.
Basically the Star Trek version of Torchwood.


Season 2 opener.

The episode title refers to Spock as Michael thought she was going to see him on Discovery but it turns out that he has taken off from the Enterprise.

We only see Spock as a boy here before surprise hearing his present voice at the end when a horrifying revelation to Michael.

Meanwhile this has been a good Discovery debut by Captain Pike played here by Anson Mount as a new series regular and quite an excitement that went on at the USS Hiawatha.

Such Sweet Sorrow Part 1:
Part 1 of the season 2 finale.

The Enterprise interior is shown for the first time in Discovery.

Fun that queen who is an old friend of Tilly’s.

Intriguing cliffhanger with Michael’s impending journey to the future.

David Ajala has joined the cast of Discovery for season 3.

Short Treks

Season 2 opener.
Interesting account of Spock’s first day on the Enterprise as an ensign and meets Number One for the first time when they got stuck in the turbolift together.
Interesting the way this first meeting took shape especially when Number One broke into a Gilbert and Sullivan and Spock joining in.

That Hope Is You, Part 1:
Season 3 opener.
Despite the episode title there is no That Hope Is You Part 2.
Enthralling way to start the third season with Michael being on her own as she jumps 930 years in the future to the 32nd century.
Here she meets Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala) and interesting to see what this future looks like and that the Federation is long gone.

Season 3, Episode 6.
The Scavengers are Michael and Georgiou as they embark on a mission to find Book.
Enthralling how this played out.
Also funny seeing Grudge in a giant size due to some distortion on the viewscreen.

Antepenultimate episode of season 3.
I was surprised to see the name of this episode as it came under a different name of The Citadel.
Michael, Saru and Culber came down to a world and to their surprise all appear differently including Saru as a human.
This meant that Doug Jones get to show his real face on Discovery.
Horrifying on what caused the Burn.
Enthralling cliffhanger with Osyraa taking over Discovery.

Kobayashi Maru:
Season 4 opener.
Interesting that this starts with negotiations with the people of Alshain IV to rejoin the Federation but didn’t go as well as it was hoped.
Starfleet Academy is officially reopened by new Federation President Laira Rillak who soon joins Michael on her next mission.
The President has Michael in mind for an assignment that he has in mind for her but has concern with her approach and that was some conversation between the two of them at the near end on that very subject.
This episode ends intriguingly by what the crew sees.

Season 4, Episode 2.
Book is dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy and is reflected when attempts are made to retrieve data and that was quite a harrowing task to see.
Picard is mentioned due to a reference to a medical operation and quite a neat tie-in to Picard season 1.