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Trevor Martin has passed away.

Born in 1930, Martin became the first actor to play the Doctor on stage in Doctor Who and the Daleks in Seven Keys To Doomsday in 1974.
Martin’s Doctor has been described as an alternative Fourth Doctor and came at the same time that Tom Baker made his debut as the official Fourth Doctor in the TV series.

Martin later reprised his Doctor for Big Finish in an adaptation of the said stage play.

Martin had non-Doctor Doctor Who roles. Martin had one time appeared in the TV series in Patrick Troughton’s swansong The War Games as one of the unnamed Time Lords who presided over the Second Doctor’s trial which ultimately sentenced him to exile on Earth and regeneration into the Third Doctor.
Martin played five characters in the Jon Pertwee radio story The Paradise of Death.
Other than reprising his version of the Doctor from the said stage play, Martin had one role for Big Finish when he played Professor Capra in the Sylvester McCoy story Flip-Flop.
As well as his appearance as a Time Lord in The War Games, Martin’s work on TV included Call The Midwife Season 2, Episode 4 playing Mr Giddings.
Other work included Sherlock Holmes (1964-68) and Coronation Street.

He died on October 5 2017 at the age of 87.



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