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The creator of the sonic screwdriver and Doctor Who audio pioneer Victor Pemberton has passed away.

Born on October 10 1931, Pemberton was an actor, script editor and writer on Doctor Who.
Pemberton’s work on the Doctor Who TV series was all during the Patrick Troughton era.
Pemberton made one appearance as an actor on Doctor Who playing scientist Jules Faure in The Moonbase.
Behind the camera, Pemberton’s first work on Doctor Who was as Assistant Story Editor before promoted to Story Editor for just one story The Tomb of the Cybermen.
The Tomb of the Cybermen marked the first companion story for Deborah Watling as Victoria after she was introduced in the previous story The Evil of the Daleks.
Pemberton would later write Watling’s swansong as Victoria in Fury From the Deep, Pemberton’s only written script for the TV series.
In a case of sad timing, Watling herself recently passed away on July 21 2017.
As well as singing Victoria’s swansong, Fury From The Deep also saw the introduction of the sonic screwdriver a device which the Doctor still uses today notwithstanding the long period between 1982’s The Visitation where it got destroyed and its resurrection in the 1996 TV movie.
As writer of Fury From The Deep, Pemberton is therefore the creator of the sonic screwdriver although ownership of the sonic screwdriver is held by the BBC to this day.
Although Fury From the Deep was Pemberton’s only written story for the Doctor Who TV series, Pemberton later wrote the Doctor Who audio drama Doctor Who and the Pescatons featuring the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.
Doctor Who and the Pescatons is the first ever Doctor Who audio drama and makes Pemberton the pioneer of Doctor Who on audio as further exploration would be made of Doctor Who in this medium including for Big Finish Productions.
Outside of Doctor Who, Pemberton’s work included Timeslip which is a time travel series like Doctor Who.
He died on August 13 2017 almost two months before his 86th birthday.


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