Stairway to Heaven


Jim Baikie has passed away.
Born on February 28 1940, Baikie was a comics artist who had worked on the Doctor Who annuals.
Other work included Star Trek.
He died on December 29 2017 almost two months before his 78th birthday.





Graham Strong has passed away.

Born in 1949, Graham Strong is the man responsible for the survival of many high-quality audio recordings of missing Doctor Who episodes.

He died in 2018 at the age of 69.




Read from a message board that John Waller has recently passed away.

Born in 1940, Waller worked in Doctor Who as the fight arranger for Terminus Part 4 & The King’s Demons.

Outside of Doctor Who his work included Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Robin Hood, Five Children and It & Pride and Prejudice.




It looks like Elizabeth Sung her swansong (no offence intended).

David Grey has passed away.

Grey had appeared in Doctor Who in The Abominable Snowmen playing RInchen.

Outside of Doctor Who his work included Police Surgeon, Coronation Street & The Avengers.

He died on April 21 2018.


Former Home and Away actor Cornelia Francis has died of cancer.



Margot Kidder has passed away.
Born on October 17 1948, Margot Kidder was well known for playing Lois Lane in the four Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.
She later returned to the Superman universe in two episodes of Smallville about Clark Kent before he became Superman which she played the different character of Bridgette Crosby.
She also appeared in The Outer Limits episode Revival playing Serena.
Her other work included La Femme Nikita, Earth: Final Conflict, The L Word, Brothers & Sisters & Halloween II.
She died on May 13 2018 at the age of 69.