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Peter Wyngarde has passed away.
Born on August 23 1927, Wyngarde had appeared in Doctor Who in the penultimate Fifth Doctor story Planet of Fire playing Timanov.

Long before his Doctor Who guest stint, Wyngarde was well known for his role as Jason King in Department S (1969-70) before spinning off to his solo show Jason King (1971-72) where he reprised the character as a non-Department S operative.
The Avengers fans remembers Wyngarde as the villain John Cartney in A Touch of Brimstone. A Touch of Brimstone is voted the second best episode of The Avengers on IMDb.
A Touch of Brimstone is particularly memorable by what Diana Rigg as Emma Peel had to wear in this episode.
Wyngarde then appeared in another Emma Peel episode of The Avengers, Epic playing Stewart Kirby.
Wyngarde was one of the Number Twos in The Prisoner with his stint in Checkmate.

Other work included Sherlock Holmes 1965 TV series, The Baron, The Saint, The Champions, Flash Gordon & The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.
Wyngarde’s birthdate of August 23 1927 is somewhat prescient to his appearance in Planet of Fire because on another August 23 in 79 AD was the volcanic eruption in Mount Vesuvius later be depicted in Doctor Who in The Fires of Pompeii.
Although it was not Mount Vesuvius, Planet of Fire had featured another volcano.
So Wyngarde being born on an August 23 was destined to be in Planet of Fire even though the volcano here was not Mount Vesuvius.

Although Wyngarde made only one guest stint in Doctor Who in Planet of Fire in 1984 as a minor character in the overall history of Doctor Who, the Radio Times in its obituary of Wyngarde noted him as a Doctor Who, as well as a Department S actor in its headline:

Wyngarde died on January 15 2018 at the age of 90.






Jeremy Wilkin has passed away.

Born on June 6 1930, Wilkin had appeared in Doctor Who in Revenge of the Cybermen playing Kellman.
He was also in Blake’s 7 in the first episode The Way Back playing Dev Tarrant and The Way Back including Wilkin’s scenes would later be included in the video compilation movie The Beginning.
Wilkin had voiced one of the Tracy brothers Virgil in Thunderbirds.

Other work included Man in a Suitcase, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90, Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, The Secret Service, UFO, The Protectors, The Spy Who Loved Me & The New Avengers.

He died on December 19 2017 at the age of 87 and incidentally he died exactly two weeks before the 40th anniversary of his appearance in the first Blake’s 7 episode on January 2 2018.
Eerily enough I learnt of his passing mere minutes after I saw on DVD his death scene as Kellman in Revenge of the Cybermen.

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