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Rodney Bewes has passed away.

Born on November 27 1937, Bewes appeared in Doctor Who in Resurrection of the Daleks playing Stien in Resurrection of the Daleks.

Outside of Doctor Who his work includes Man in a Suitcase, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (1972) & The Three Musketeers (1973).

He died on November 21 2017 just six days before his 80th birthday.




Rance Howard has passed away.

Born on November 17 1928, Rance Howard’s long acting career included guest stints in Babylon 5 & Angel.

In Babylon 5, he played John Sheridan’s father David Sheridan in three episodes, Severed Dreams, Interludes and Examinations & Rising Star.

In Angel he appeared in Carpe Noctem playing Marcus Roscoe and in this episode he got to be Angel himself due to a plot involving body switching.
Angel was usually played by David Boreanaz and Howard would later be reunited with Boreanaz in guest stints of Boreanaz’s later series Bones in the episodes The Conspiracy in the Corpse & The Lance to the Heart both as the same character Jerold Norsky.

Howard was the father of Ron Howard, the Happy Days star turned Hollywood director.
Rance himself was a guest star in Happy Days and appeared in many of Ron’s films as a director.

Other of Rance’s work included The Flintstones (as a writer), The Fugitive, Days of Our Lives, original Battlestar Galactica , Creator, Innerspace, Lucy & Desi: Before The Laughter, Quantum Leap, Universal Soldier, Terminal Velocity, Ed Wood, Sgt Bilko, Melrose Place, Independence Day, Mars Attack, Psycho (1998), How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Baywatch, the Baywatch parody Son of the Beach, Ghost Whisperer, Frost/Nixon, Angels & Demons, Jonah Hex, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Spooky Buddies, Grey’s Anatomy, The Lone Ranger & The X-Files.

He died on November 25 2017 just eight days after his 79th birthday.



Loved this guy and Gomer Pyle so very much :frowning: